Tangy Tuesday Picks – February 14, 2017

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAddaHello beautiful people. How is the Valentine day going for all of you? Rose Day, Propose Day, Hug Day and so on. Makes one wonder if we really need so many days to celebrate the pure feeling of love. Well, here at BlogAdda, one thing is continuously celebrated – our undying love for your lovely blogs. 🙂 And we are back with this week’s collection to keep you hooked on to the tangiest blogs, the best blog posts of the week.

  • Who: Devesh Joshi
  • What: “Fear of Unknown. How To Deal With It As A Solo Traveller”
  • Tangy: The first positive step you can take in the direction to pursue your dreams is to let go of the fear. Devesh, a full time solo traveller since 2015 brings out valid points why travellers hesitate from traveling solo. He questions the reasons behind our worries and how we can get over them. Read the blog post, it may just inspire the wanderlust in you.

  • Who: Ramya Abhinand
  • What: “The Regressive Hindi Soap Operas!”
  • Tangy: Love them or hate them, the saas-bahu serials are here to stay. Ramya analyses why the Hindi soaps, albeit regressive strike a chord with thousands of viewers. The predictable storylines and cliché characters make them so cringe worthy that Ramya wonders how long will it take until we see a change.

  • Who: Rahul Rawal
  • What: “The Other Woman..!”
  • Tangy: “Sometime all we need is to drop the baggage we carry and look at beautiful side of even the ugliest situations in life.” Rahul in this beautiful story expresses the emotions shared by one woman for ‘the other woman’. Read to know more.

  • Who: Uma Srinivasan
  • What: “When The Going Gets Tough..”
  • Tangy: Amidst all the hyped days that we are hearing about this Valentine’s week, let’s take a minute and acknowledge 4th February as World Cancer Day. Uma recounts her first-hand experience in dealing with the dreaded disease and what kept her going through it. She emphasises on the importance of undergoing regular tests to avoid delay of any sort. Join her in her great effort to create awareness.

  • Who: Akshata Ram
  • What: “Why The Fairy Tales Of My Time Are So Passé “
  • Tangy: Don’t we all agree that with time, the stories that are told to our children should change? Let’s start with the chauvinist, stereotypical fairy tales shall we? Akshata, in her post dissects the fairy tales like Snow White, Cinderella etc. where the protagonist is a woman and her main quality is her beauty. We hear you Akshata! Let’s all together bury these outdated stories and bring in the new. Something that is in sync with our contemporary thoughts.

  • Who: Suma Jain
  • What: “Game Drive Experience At The Lake Manyara”
  • Tangy: From the Tales of Travelling Sisters, Suma takes us through her experience of driving through the Northern Circuit of Tanzania. Spotting the African elephant, Blue monkey, a troop of baboons, pelicans, impalas en-route to Lake Manyara National Reserve and eventually ending the day watching a herd of hippos submerged in water- the trip was no less a delight for nature lovers. Read her post and see the enchanting pictures for yourself.

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