Spicy Saturday Picks – January 7, 2017

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Good morning beautiful people! Winter morning and weekends are a perfect combination to enjoy your holiday. So pick up your laptop or cell phone and cuddle in the warm soft blanket. As we bring to you the seven best spicy picks of the week. Get ready for some good inspirational dose, through poems, stories and travel destinations. If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who:  Sakshi Raina
  • What: “What Makes The New Year Special”
  • Spicy: We often decide to achieve things on the basis of time and date. The busy life and mundane chores takes the procrastination route. Sakshi, in her blog ponders about the same and says that there’s no tomorrow. It’s today, make it count. Read and get inspired!

  • Who:  Amrit Sinha
  • What:  “Voices”
  • Spicy:  It’s absolutely true and undeniable that mistakes do make you learn. It’s always up to you, how you embrace the lessons it taught. Either you can extract the important points to be kept in mind or dwindle your future growth. Amrit, in his blog shares a beautiful poem, saying let go of the past and caress the future ahead of you!

  • WhoSindhura Ravulapalli
  • What: “Surname Syndromes”
  • Spicy: The society that talks about equality, still practices the surname change policy. The woman is born with her paternal name, soon after marriage her surname changes. Strange, isn’t it? Sindhura, in her blog ponders upon the same, take a look!

  • Who:  Himani Chhabra
  • What: “Christmas in Shimla”
  • Spicy:  Shimla, the most beautiful hill station, has absolute scenic views. Who said it’s just the summer getaway? You can also visit this astounding place in winters as well. Himani, in her blog shares her experience in Shimla on Christmas eve. This will definitely wake up the travel bee in you!

  • WhoNalini Dutta
  • What: “She Taught Me Love!”
  • Spicy: Women are blessed to play different roles in their life. From being a mother, daughter, sister, friend, she has handled all the hues perfectly. Nalini, in her blog, dedicates a beautiful poem, thanking each woman for her love and support that enlightened her path!

  • Who Dwija Baxi
  • What:  “To The Job”
  • Spicy:   Are you satisfied with your job? Does work goals motivate you? Read this interesting blog post by Dwija, that really highlights the worth of a job. The hard work and dedication definitely give you fruitful results. Read and get inspired a little more this weekend!

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