Tangy Tuesday Picks – December 27, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

Good morning amigos! Still up with Christmas hangover? We know it becomes sad to bid adieu to all the festive fun and celebrations. To enlighten and cheer up your mood we have got you some good reads from the pages of Indian bloggers. Get ready to dive into the world of interesting facts, inspiring real life stories and much more. Scroll through this week’s seven best tangy picks and enjoy this voracious ride. If you wish to get featured at BlogAdda,  submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Mansi Ladha
  • What: “Our Shanta Bai Is Not A Thief”
  • Tangy:  Read this interesting story that will amuse you and at the same time make you feel connected. Mansi, in her blog shares her experience that taught her few important things. It’s simple before we judge and come to a conclusion, its always important to be know the facts. Isn’t it important in every walk of our life? Read to know more!

  • WhoAntarik Anwesan 
  • What: “Real Indian Village – Life Experience at ‘The Goat Village’, Nag Tibba”
  • Tangy: Isn’t it enthralling sometime to keep ourselves away from our busy city life? Well, if you are on that same page and wish to travel then ‘The Goat Village’ in Pantwari can come to rescue. Visit this small village situated in the trek route of Nag Tibba. What’s best? This trip will also fulfill the want of trekking and comfort you with its warm welcome and scenic beauty!

  • WhoFiona Nazareth
  • What“Inspirational Life Of Harnaam Kaur: The Girl With A Beard
  • Tangy:  The society we live in has two flip sides. The one that shows support and the other that disregards many things. It’s like a facade that makes you feel more vulnerable. The girl who wears a short skirt is judged more than a woman who drapes a sari. But, is there any difference when it comes to the mindset when she’s looked down upon? Fiona, in her blog shares a real life story that will inspire you the most today!

  • WhoAnand Kumar
  • What: “2016, History & Hope!”
  • Tangy: Demonetization was introduced with the intent of a better tomorrow. Hope lives in us and we need to nurture it with positive thoughts. Just like in the case of demonetization. Anand, in his blog says that history in the making will leave you amazed when you turn back the pages. Similarly, we need to move forward in the coming year with hope in our heart and a visionary mind!

  • Who: Madhulika Mitra
  • What“When I Decided To Leave Facebook”
  • Tangy: In this digital era now virtual friends add more value in our life. Social platforms of communication have taken up most of our time. We often forget to spend time with the people around and end up scrolling the screen of our phone, tablet or laptop. Don’t you feel an urge for a change? Or is it alright to be a part of virtual connections? Madhulika, in her blog shares her experience about the same!

  • WhoAmit Vele
  • What“I Am Just 24 And I Have Already Started To Feel Like I Am 50.”
  • Tangy:  We often get so caught up in our mundane chores that we forget to cherish each passing moment. Age is just the measurement of years we’ve lived. What really matters is how well we lived? How much do we do things that make us happy? Amit, in his blog ponders upon this thought and decides to change his life for good!

  • Who: Shantam Sahai
  • What“Explaining My Insecurities”
  • Tangy:  There is one that is common in us ‘insecurity’ and factors may differ. It’s always up to us whether we let them grow or caress them with courage and zeal to cope up. If you just sit and emit negativity through your thoughts, it will prevail for long. Shantam, in this blog jots down his thoughts upon insecurity that speaks a lot about present present scenario. Take a look!

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