Spicy Saturday Picks – November 26, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Hello friends, weekend has hugged us back again with a promising and fulfilled time. We at BlogAdda are also set to share with you really interesting posts by our Indian bloggers. Set aside all your monotonous chores and read these captivating write ups, stories and food for thoughts words. Let your Saturday be filled with thought-provoking reads to enlighten your mind. If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Manas Mukul
  • What: “Queue Kyu Queue Kyu…And The Theatrics Continue…”
  • Spicy: Demonetization has spread like a wave in the entire nation, that has struck every single individual. The move has created a catalyst reaction on the basis to remove corruption, cease to black money hoarding and illegal hauling of money. Manas, in his blog jots down some important points that define why demonetization took place and what effects it has made in the entire nation.

  • Who: Sakshi Nanda
  • What: “In Air With Air India
  • Spicy: The experience to travel on an air plane has it’s own charm and points to be noted. We often support our country for it’s nationalists movements, then why do we not adore its out reach when it comes to air carrier. Sakshi, in her blog shares her experience with Air India flight and the hospitality she received which needs to be remarked with a smile. Take a look!

  • Who: Parul Thakur
  • What“Why I Choose To Live Away From Parents
  • Spicy: Parents are our lifeline. The support and love nurtures and shapes our every walk of life. But, our parents also believe in us to step forward on our own and make our lives worth living. It is okay to be with parents, but it is also important to adorn our lives with our own understanding and courage for a better tomorrow, in this world full of worldly diversions!

  • Who: Gayatri Iyer
  • What“A Letter From A Single Woman To The Society”
  • Spicy: We live in a world that today talks about gender equality. Despite of the fact, that a woman has all the right to live by her choices. Why is she still looked down upon when it comes to marriage, choosing her career and living life on her own set grounds? Read this eye-opening letter by a single woman to the society that will awaken your thoughts a little more!

  • Who: Priyanka Victor
  • What“Why I Don’t Read Newspaper Anymore”
  • Spicy: Have you ever felt displeased with your own choices? The world today has so many adversities, that there’s hardly much place for the fortune to happen. Everywhere you go, there’s something or the other that ponders like a devil of destruction and chaos. What would you do if you experience such things around you?

  • Who: Raviraj Ramavarapu
  • What: “Letter To You That I Will Never Post!”
  • Spicy: Have you ever been in love with someone whom you couldn’t express? The fear of losing the bond of friendship stops you and you choose to remain in that friend zone. The thoughts keep accumulating and all you do is keep it within. Read this letter of unsaid love, still very close to heart!

  • Who: Maithili Bhatnagar
  • What: “Confession”
  • Spicy: Ever felt burdened with thoughts and found it difficult to convey? In life we often fall for things that are sinful. In that moment we do not realise its complications, later it strikes you back and many questions start swirling in your mind. Read this lovely story by Maithili in her blog!

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