Collectives: 10 Blogging Tips To Kickstart Your Blog

If you’re a blogging newbie who loves the idea of blogging and would like some tips to make a killer blog, you’re in the right place. With content becoming king, everyone wants a share of the kingdom, and why not? If you have thoughts, ideas and useful information to share with people, there is no better way to do it than blogging.

Entering the blogosphere may be a great decision, but it’s the first of a very long list of decisions you will have to make – starting from the domain and name of your blog to how to get people to actually visit your blog. Below are some great tips from veterans in the field to help you make the best choice for yourself and your creation – the blog. These simple, yet important tips must be checked off the first time you kick start your blog!


1. The Right Blogging Platform


Before you start the fun journey with your blog, the decision of finding the right blogging platform forms the concrete foundation. From the look and feel, to ease of use and the back end functioning, the right platform will determine your blog’s architecture. WordPress and Blogger are the most widely picked free platforms with their own advantages and drawbacks. Create a checklist of what is a must have in your blog and what you can do without, and choose the platform based on that.

2. Blog Nomenclature


Your blog’s name is not only its identity, but it also says a lot about you as an author. Once you’re sure about the niche that you will build your blog in, the hunt for the best name begins. Vague names will not pique your audience’s interest and neither will the common ones. Put in your thoughts and hours to jot down some exquisite options that will reflect your personality and purpose, and hook the audience. An out of the box, precise and alluring name can do the trick.

3. Finding your Domain


For the technically naive ones, domains are a door seldom opened. While many consider this as unnecessary in the initial years, we recommend that you tick this off your checklist right now. Choosing a domain name is like picking a plot where you want to build a dream home. With countless permutations and combinations available and almost all the good ones already taken or expensive, securing a good domain is a profitable investment. With domains, you might want to loosen up your pocket a little bit, as you’ll get exactly what you pay for.

Look for the ones that offer good customer services, if unfortunately your blog crashes and you stand in danger of losing your precious work. Similar to your blog name, play creatively with domain names and try to keep both of them same, although you need not go strictly by the book.

4. Pick up a beautiful theme


Human eyes are judgmental and they seek things that look good. The first interaction that a reader has with a blog is its appearance, font, design and templates. No matter how engaging the content might be, readers will move on if the first look isn’t attractive. Choose themes and designs that give a welcoming and unique aura to your blog. Apart from page views, Google also takes notice of the time spent by a reader on your blog, so making your blog look good is a big deal. Beautify your blog and ensure that the theme is compatible with your genre so that your readers are glued to your blog.

5. Write a Promising ‘About Me’ Page


If you are a master of words and the saying ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ is true for you, then readers will be intrigued to know about the author behind the writing. An ‘About Me’ page holds an important place on your blog, as readers love to put a face to the writing they love. Make your ‘About Me’ page interesting so that readers feel a connect with you. Make sure you add your social media profiles so they can get regular updates about you and your blog!

6. Let the Content go Social


The world has shrunken into a close knit community connected through thick chords of social media. Rather than pleasing search engines, content is getting social media centric, as more and more people discover content through their feeds. Populate your blog with sharing icons to keep the readers in touch with your latest posts. Create your footprints over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to not only push out your content, but also to gauge the likes and interest level of people regarding your writing.

7. Ideal Blog Post Length


Blogs are no more a personal journal, confined to your personal space like an endless stream of thoughts. Too much chatter or too less of content will make your readers unhappy. Since the length of your blog determines the time a reader invests in you, try keeping your posts short and precise. There is no one correct answer to the question of ideal length of a blog as different lengths serve different purposes. Base your word limit on the genre and desired end result of your blog post.

8. Categorise Your Content


Categorizing your content not only makes the blog appealing, but also makes it easier for readers to navigate around your site. Categories make your blog neater, discovery of content easier and also gives your blog an air of professionalism. Through tags and sub categories, you are better search engines making sure your content doesn’t get lost in the vast blogosphere.

9. Copycats not allowed


The web space is a huge ocean where theft of content can often go unnoticed. When even the biggest bloggers fall prey to plagiarism and content theft, keeping the uniqueness of your content intact becomes a big deal. To protect your blog from plagiarists and copy cats that trawl blogs for content to copy, take some basic precautions that will deter them. Use Google and simple tools like Copyscape to keep your blog authentic and plagiarism free.

10. Let Traffic Usher In


Finally your blog is all set unleash your talent on the world, it’s time to make sure it reaches the right audience. People need to be informed about your amazing write ups by making sure your posts knock on their web doors. Writing content after a thorough keyword research, following simple SEO and SMO tips and backlinking to other sites helps in driving huge traffic to your blog posts.

Blogging is not just about all taking your passion one step ahead, it is in fact becoming the biggest source of information and brand management in the present day. As you put your hard work and hours into writing content, letting it fade away in the crowd is simply not acceptable. Through careful management and minute understanding of Google’s crawlers, your page views can increase manifold in a matter of time. Make sure your beautiful words reach as many people possible and connect with them virtually.

Our blogging family keeps looking for Notable newbies as we expand our not so little world of content. We would be proud to have you on board, as you debut into the blogging world. Till then, Happy Blogging!

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  1. Yeah, Copycat or Copying a content cannot lead you to the success of your life.You can only make your blog strong and a highly reputed only by providing a High-Quality post or dense content.

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