An Interview With Rob Bialostocki

Everything that we do in our lives, be it our education, our career, our choice of partner and the decision to raise a family, stems from one desire. The desire to live a life that matters. The definition of a meaningful life differs for everyone, yet the search for such meaning is just as real and important for each such adventurer. Some people sit and think about a different life, and then there are some like Rob Bialostocki who go out and actually do it. The result? A Life That Matters, which is a blog chronicling Rob’s travels and the things he gleaned from them. Rob visited the BlogAdda office during his time in India, and very kindly agreed to share his experiences and views in an interview. Read (and watch below) as he opens up his wealth of knowledge for us.

Rob bialostocki

Rob is a resident of Auckland, New Zealand who has been a professional radio broadcaster for about 10 years, an organisational training and learning consultant for about 8 years and a corporate facilitator and coach for the last decade. Whew! You’d think that all of this, along with 3 children and 1 grandchild, Rob will be rooted to his home, enjoying a life that most people would envy. But then curiosity and a need to know, do and be more struck, which inspired Rob to take a 10 week solo trip. He chronicles his trip in video diaries that he posts on his blog. What’s different is that in these journeys, he has also interviewed unique people across continents on the the theme ‘A Life That Matters’. To know about his travels, his lessons and these interviews, watch the video below.

Here’s Part 2 and 3 of the wonderful interview that Rob gave BlogAdda. He is seen answering questions about travel photography, planning, and most importantly, wonderful lessons that he’s learnt from travel and meeting new people that all of us can benefit from.

Watched them? Let us know what you think of the interview. We’d also love to hear about your idea of ‘A Life That Matters’!

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