Tangy Tuesday Picks- June 14, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

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  • Who: Sanjukta
  • Tangy: The world of blogging, that found its roots in the intent to create a virtual journal on the web space, has taken bizarre forms in the modern world of social media. Social networking sites have become an endless automaton of likes and emoticons through which we seek validation of our peers. We live in our own mirage of overflowing friend lists while reality is altogether different and quite frankly, lonely. Sanjukta compares her time of blogging, carefully landing into her present situation with some learnings about the implications of our social reality.

  • Who: Madhuri Banerjee
  • What: “The Craze over Adult Colouring Books”
  • Tangy: Art and its nuances are considered out of bounds for common folk, yet there’s nothing stopping us from bringing a little piece of art to life ourselves. Colouring was a much loved activity in school, but as we grew up, that packet of crayons took a backseat as jobs and responsibilities held the steering wheel. However, a large number of adults have finally found their long lost solace in coloring distinctive patterns and pictures. Adult colouring books have become quite a rage among people, making them detail oriented and taming their anxious minds.

  • What: “Rupin Pass – an epiphanous journey”
  • Tangy: Life can be really interesting when you are gifted with a friend who matches your enthusiasm wavelength for wavelength. Beautiful places become brighter when adorned with perfect company. 2 Backpackers take you through their heavenly journey with their beautiful account of a recent trek to Rupin pass. Walking through the snow clad mountains and alpine forests, the trek is an experience of a lifetime. Such a journey brings you face to face with the marvels and expanse of Mother Nature, with sheer gratitude and a sense of achievement seeping in when you finally touch the summit. A trek is an experience worth taking, altering your perspective about life.

  • Who: Ashwini CN
  • What: “Traffic Woes of a Common Man!”
  • Tangy: As if the day to day struggles are not enough, every common man is plagued by the daily woes of traffic jams. Nothing less than a calamity, getting stuck in a jam is one acceptable excuse that everybody has used at one time or the other. Potholed streets, impatient drivers and hassled traffic police personnel come together to form a tiring concoction every single day for the aam aadmi. Reaching the destination becomes an impossible ordeal when the whole universe seems to conspire to make things even worse. In that scenario, Ashwini finds a set of people who contribute further to make sure nobody reaches office or home.

  • Who: Soumya
  • What: “Perhaps”
  • Tangy: Rain has always brought in soothing showers, taking each and every soul to a Utopian world. Suddenly, as the cool breeze hits the face, problems and complaints vanish, gratitude and happiness overflows through posts and songs shared. Yet, some undergo bouts of sheer agony as the raindrops often bring with them memories of long lost relationships. Wounds in the heart suddenly get opened up, with the past piercing through, creating waves of unbearable nostalgia. These days, it is easier for hearts to click and bloom under love’s warmth, and even easier it is to break that bond when things get difficult. Heartbreaks are painful and leave behind their fingerprints that haunt us forever. Soumya gives us a heart wrenching prose, making us all go down the love lane of our past.

  • Who: Ankush
  • Tangy: Procrastinators are going to get some food for thought with a hilarious and justified account of how the lazy ones work. While they sit and enjoy the beauties of life, almost helping the world get rid of global warming, they remain high on life all the time. They have a habit of putting all the important work to the next day or maybe next month, only pouncing up when the deadlines are real close. While explanations of doing a social favour by keeping things in their waiting line are quite funny, Ankush manages to give acceptable reasons for being who he is through his recent post.

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