Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 31, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

Sunny weekdays are here to stay, with balmy clouds trying to hold their sway! What better time than this to explore some wonderful blogs by Indian bloggers and learn more about their talks, views and opinions? Let’s spend our time in a more interesting way, let’s unwind and explore ourselves from within through writing. Start writing your blog and submit it here. We are on the other end, waiting to share it with the world.  

  • Who: Jaibala Rao 
  • What: “When It All Begins”
  • Tangy: The human mind is resilient enough to solve any problem, but is also perfectly capable of creating new problems on its own. It is when we stop communicating that all the negativity starts sinking in and life starts feeling dull. We feel as if we are a burden on ourselves as well as others. There is a thin line between hopelessness and hope, as Jaibala narrates in a poetic tone.

  • Who: Puspanjalee Das Dutta
  • What: “5 Things That I Learn From Lily Potter As A Mother”
  • Tangy: Motherhood is a new phase for a woman where she is constantly learning with her baby. There are many different types of mothers and mothering, each one as efficient as the other. Mothers today love to learn in any way they can, and what better source than literature for inspirational moms? Puspanjalee shares some lessons that she learnt from her favourite Potter Mommy.

  • Who: Apurva Oka 
  • What: “India – Development And Mentality”
  • Tangy: We are not yet a developed nation, but one would be mistaken to doubt our potential to grow. India is a huge force and the world today has its eyes on us as a major economy in the coming years. But who defines this force? This development? This growth? It is we the people. The only difference being that some citizens feel the only service they need to do is lip service. Apurva explains why we are still a developing nation after 65 years of independence.

  • Who: Sujatha Satya 
  • What: “Turning 40”
  • Tangy: Let’s count the life in the number of years and not the number of years in life. Age has a lot to speak about your life, experiences and memories. Life gets way more real with the passage of time and so do we as individuals. Turning older might not be the most anticipated or desirable thing, but it definitely has some upsides. Sujata reveals the cool things that happen when you turn forty.

  • Who: Ronak Kumar Gelena
  • What: “Modi-Vated”
  • Tangy: When we elect our political leaders, we expect them to do their best in creating a better nation and uplift the standard of living of the less fortunate. In a nation like India, it can get difficult to show any real change in a couple of years. The BJP led government has also had some hits and misses in the 2 years of its tenure. So how were the past two years of the Narendra Modi led government? What do people feel about it? Here is a personal account of a blogger.

  • Who: Rakesh Pandey 
  • What: “The Cursed Warrior”
  • Tangy: The Mahabharata is an intriguing tale of human relationships, values and defining the purpose of life. The carefully etched characters, thrilling story arc and interpersonal relationships make it a must read even in today’s world. The strength of the book lies in its impossibly strong characters that have given rise to myths and folklore. Rakesh talks about Ashwatthama, one of the greatest warriors in Mahabharata.

  • Who: Haritha PK
  • What: “Myriad Of Colors”
  • Tangy: Our lives are full of colours but we sometimes fail to see them. In the rush to secure our careers and retirement, we leave behind the charm of living. Now, that too can be redeemed because life is, was and always will remain kind and generous as compared to us. Haritha narrates a fictional tale that talks about how we can bring vibrancy in our lives back at any given point in life.

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