Spicy Saturday Picks – May 28, 2016

Spicy Saturday

We again stumble upon the cool weekend and content still remains king in the blogosphere. We are here to bring you blogposts that move you from within and lift you up for the coming week. Here are the Indian bloggers, whose blogs are a way to connect with real life issues through the best possible medium. If you too wish to be a part of this awesome blogger community then send us your posts here

        • Who: Rama Arya
        • What: “A Pan-Indian Carrom Board Match: Volunteering In Mother Teresa’s Hospice” 
        • Spicy: Service to mankind is what most of us are drawn to. There are people in this world for whom life is all about loving, sharing and caring as against earning money, making a career or working out their retirement plans sitting in an AC room with a consultant. They may seem less fortunate to us but are the real gifts of the Supreme. Rama Arya shares a compassionate experience with these gems.

        • Who: Suman Kher 
        • What: “Are CBSE Results The Turning point Of Your Life”
        • Spicy: Exams, studies, marks and mark sheets have pushed the kids of today to the wall, making them rush after accolades instead of knowledge. Peer pressure, competition and stubborn ideologies keep them away of learning life lessons that are more important than textbook lessons. Suman Kher talks about the real turning points of life.

        • Who: Trak.in
        • What: “Don’t Feel Trapped When You Are Bootstrapped: Here Is What You Can Learn & Do”
        • Spicy: Bootstrapping is a good way how to learn to handle your business in a financially responsible manner. Launching a start-up in itself is an experience to learn so much about skills, people, opportunities and values that you will find yourself become a better person every single day. Trak.in will tell you how to manage your start-up baby when bootstrapping.

        • Who: Shalini Chaturvedi
        • What: “Unwind Wound-Up Mom”
        • Spicy: There is so much to parenting that even if a mommy writes a book each day, it will not cover everything that she experiences every day. There are conflicting situations that arise every day and a mother is battling it all with a smile on her face and a lot of guilt inside. Shalini shares her impatient side with us and how getting rid of it heals her as a mother.

        • Who: Maniparna Sengupta Majumdar
        • What: “My Perfect Vacation”
        • Spicy: Travel is a great way to escape the mundane and expand your horizons with places, cultures and experiences, not to forget food. A place might not offer a majestic story to remember but it will still make a lot of difference to your life story. Maniparna shares her trip to Madhya Pradesh – the heart of India.

        • Who: Ankita Verma 
        • What: “Idea Of Positivity: Not Positive Enough”
        • Spicy: ‘Be positive’ is an overrated phrase. It can make you feel better but it is far off from giving you solutions to your problems. Women are easily prone to stress nowadays and the reasons can vary from person to person, making it difficult to find the right cause of a depressing issue and consequently, the solution to it. Ankita talks about how she dealt with a close person in a similar situation.

        • Who: Neha Tambe 
        • What: “Divya’s Dilemma”
        • Spicy: The word ‘marriage’ and the act of living it has a huge importance in Indian society, especially for girls. This is a brutal fact, even if it means compromising on your dreams, aspirations and careers. All we need to understand is each individual (son or daughter) is different and should be allowed to make decisions by themselves. A simple thing like a dialogue can be a path breaking step in making a way for yourself. Neha shares a beautiful story. 

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