Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 24, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

‘The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink’ – T.S Eliot.  Know the feeling when you just have to write what’s on your mind, without waiting a moment? Then you know T.S. Eliot’s line to be true. As the weather changes and gives us some respite, breathe in and let your words take over. Poetry, prose or fantasy – the world is your oyster. Once you’re done writing, send it to us so we can feature it in this space. Submit your posts to BlogAdda by clicking this link.

  • Who: Vishu & Saumya 
  • What: “Flying above The Birds – Paragliding At Bir”
  • TangyWe always want to fly and have a bird’s eye view of the world, using the vantage point to put things in perspective. Well, an activity like paragliding easily makes this wish come true. Being in between the land and the heavens, taking in the breathtaking landscapes around and chasing the wind with the grace of a eagle is an experience not to miss.

  • Who: Sampada Raje 
  • What: “Some Amusing Little Things In The U.S.”
  • TangyA new home in a new land and a new culture is equal to a strange world which you are trying to adjust to and discover at the same time. It is beautiful how a bunch of experiences leave you with colourful memories for life. The little things that don’t even register in our head because we’re so used to them become novelties in a new place. Sampada talks about her US experience which has these cute little tales that will make you smile.

  • Who: Srilakshmi Indrasenan
  • What: “A Life Lesson Called First Love”
  • TangyNo matter how many experiences we have in life, the firsts of life remain our most special ones. These are those precious moments that not only define our approach towards life but also contribute to the house of memories. First love ranks quite high in this list of ‘firsts’. It causes our heart to flutter for the first time, a sensation that we then covet for the rest of our life. Srilakshmi talks about it, the lessons and more.

  • Who: Manisha Malhotra 
  • What:Basic Personality Development Tips”
  • TangyWhen we step out in the big competitive world, we often notice that there are some people who can make you forget about who you are, with a thing as simple as their personality and charm. Their conduct speaks more than their words and you cannot help but feel drawn towards them. So what is the mystery behind  such a charming personality?

  • Who: Sonali Mohapatra
  • What: “Stalemate”
  • TangyFalling in love is a brave thing to do, because it makes you vulnerable and leaves you open for hurt.  The object of your affection can affect you in a multitude of ways, and the feeling of love can make you oblivious to the world around you.  Sonali talks about such feelings and that special person.

  • Who: Ravneet Sangha
  • What: “Board Results And The Noose”
  • Tangy: The time of the year when every kid is facing immense pressure from all corners to secure the highest marks and being reminded of the consequences if they don’t is here. It is worrying how these kids forget to build themselves up from these exams and instead get on a negative path away from their actual passion and interests in life. This blogger talks about how she is okay with her child’s performance.

  • Who: Swarna Rajgopalan
  • What: “It Can’t Possibly Be That Simple! (Could it?)”
  • TangyMost Indians don’t place too much importance on being a part of the electoral process though we thankfully have a large number of people who look forward to voting. Elections and the voting process are quite chaotic and even novel to many. Swarna talks about an incident that is an example of voicing yourself at the right time.

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