Spicy Saturday Picks – March 12, 2016

Spicy Saturday

 Reading blogs is more fun when you come across a subject that is new or a perspective that’s fresh. Our Spicy Saturday Picks explores such interesting blog posts by Indian bloggers. Tell us what is in your mind through your blog and we will share it with  the world! Let’s connect, learn, create and inspire 😀 Send us your entries here to get your thoughts read by like minded bloggers.

        • WhoRED HANDED
        • What“MARRY FOR SECURITY….”
        • Spicy: Marriage is a big event in our lives, especially if you’re a part of the Indian society. The union of two people should be based on mutual love, trust and common ground. This scenario is quite unusual in India, where what the person does is more important than what they are. Red Handed talks about what happens when this happens while choosing a life partner.

        • WhoRaghav Ravichandran
        • What“Cricket should triumph over Politics and Political sentiment..”
        • Spicy: The best thing about a sport being played at a national level is that it rises above the created divide of caste, religion or nationality. India-Pakistan have had rivalry on the cricket field and off it for decades. The political and military tension between the two nations affects our sentiments for Indo-Pak matches too. We have Raghav who highlights the thin line of difference between politics, sports and the two nationalities.

        • Who: Atul Sabnis
        • Spicy: The moment you silence yourself, your mind starts talking. If one observes the running of thoughts, we realize that we hold to so many things that are just going to fade away with time. Atul shares with us his musings on such realities.

        • WhoPriya Athipatla
        • What: “One does not love breathing”
        • Spicy: We go about our daily lives without giving a second thought to the things and amenities that we’re used to. Only when these things are lost, do we realize their worth. It may also lead to some light hearted fun, banter and introspection, like Priya discovered.

        • WhoAbdullah Shaikh
        • What“Pride”
        • Spicy: Pride as an emotion is known to push you ahead to accelerate your pace, but it can be a dangerous one too. We would feel proud of our parents, but we didn’t create them. On the other side we feel proud of our achievements, which we’re responsible for. Abdullah asks which one is more real and deserving?

        • WhoJackie Jain
        • What“Being happy for no reason”
        • Spicy: There are things and dreams we are chasing every second of our lives. There are so many problems with us and within us and yet happiness arrives easily without invitation. Life will always give us reasons to be happy, but it is indeed possible to be happy without a reason. Jackie affirms.

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