Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 01, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

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Time to read the hidden gems of the blogosphere in the Tangy Tuesday picks of the week.

  • WhoAditya Mankad
  • What“Icarus”
  • Tangy: The legend of Icarus warns us not to fly too high or too low in our life. Often times, we get so lost in our dream world and fixed notions that we forget to notice how these dreams mesh with reality. Aditya’s blog post deals with ambition, dreams and much more.

  • WhoSavita Shetty
  • What“How Green! ….. but for how long?”
  • Tangy: We have been talking about having a greener environment around us. However, the metros make this an impossible thing with the increase in high rise towers, congested roads, unplanned construction activities and pollution round the clock. We are failing to realize that we are creating danger for ourselves. Savita has pondered on the issue.

  • WhoJanani Koushik
  • Tangy: Our generation can be called the social media fanatic era or something similar that sounds hip and peppy but is far from being real or simply human. The craze for FB, Twitter, Insta is on the rise and chaotic as ever and this generation fails to realize the more important things of life or precisely the more interesting aspects of life. Janani has realized this. Have you?

  • WhoDatla Chiranjeevi Raju
  • What“BUSINESS”
  • Tangy: The start up trend is here to stay and how. Everyone wants to become an entrepreneur. So what is the word ‘business’ all about? What are its fundamentals? What is the thing about good business and bad business? Datla gives you a detailed explanation on the basics to make the buzzing world of startups a reality in your life.

  • WhoPadmapriya T S
  • What: “Do you want a job abroad?”
  • Tangy: Like many young professionals, if you too have a dream of working abroad, then you need to add one more thing in your to-do list. A visit to Sundareswarar temple. Young professionals and students are known to fulfil their dreams of employment after a visit to this temple. Of course hard work and dedication will play its role, but for now, you surely want to know more about this place. PadmaPriya gives you all the details.

  • WhoOm Swami
  • What: The Essence of Friendship
  • TangyOne of the most precious things a person can experience is friendship. It is the charm of relations that keeps a person alive. Be it with anyone and of any kind, the essence of friendship truly lies in being who you are and being honest about it. Om Swami discusses this beautiful treasure of life in different lights.

  • WhoAtul jain
  • What“100% Education – 0% Reservation: What India needs”
  • TangyThe sad debate on reservation is a hindrance to many Indians. On an even more disappointing note, people are trying to get reservations instead of moving forward to a situation with no reservations. They fail to realize that this becomes a tool to create a divide among people.. Atul Jain attempts to make sense out of education and the elimination of reservation.  

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