Spicy Saturday Picks – February 27, 2016

Spicy Saturday

This Saturday, we have a brand new activity for you. Make your voice heard about how you can reduce gender prejudices about household chores in the next generation by blogging for Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad activity. There are assured hampers and vouchers worth Rs. 1000 up for grabs! This week’s WOW prompt ‘My Doomsday Moment’ will give you the chills and make you think back about your moment of truth. Submit your entry before Sunday midnight to win a WOW badge!

Below are the blog posts to complete your regular weekend activity.

        • WhoParul Thakur
        • What“Use LinkedIn The Right Way”
        • Spicy: LinkedIn is a great networking platform for professionals. However it is rarely explored beyond the hunt for job vacancies. It is a rich resource of expertise and can help you make the right impression, not just for job vacancies but for long lasting relationships also. You can easily market yourself through LinkedIn with these tips from Parul.

        • WhoTirtha Tanay Mandal
        • What“KULBERIA”
        • Spicy: The story and characters of Mahabharata are fascinating and inspire one to explore them beyond texts. We come across them in books and scriptures, but seeing their references in real life give you a different high altogether. Tirth explored the Kulberia village in West Bengal that is home to a 120 year old temple called Bhimdev Thakur Deu built in memory of the strongest Pandava Bhim.

        • WhoGreenboochi
        • What“Coins”
        • Spicy: Currency notes are important because they have a monetary value attached to them, but people love coins because they make great collector’s items. Coins are also a part of our childhood memories, when getting them from our elders was a huge moment. Read this post by Green Boochi and reconnect with this lost love of coins.

        • Who: Rajiv Verma
        • What: “Open Streets – Bangalore”
        • Spicy: Anything that allows you to explore your hobbies and skills is a welcome thing to do. Meet people that are like minded and explore yourself on roads like a nomad. Open Streets festival has reached out to many in creative ways. The streets of Bangalore are normally choked with traffic, and Rajiv Verma loved seeing them full of people instead for a change.

        • WhoShail Mohan
        • What“Day 25: A request for the script”
        • Spicy: As people we all are different and we all have learnt to embrace it. However, not all are normal at times. One gets stunned by the silly things people do to them wondering why is normalcy taking a toll on you. Shail shares with us where she is asked a question only to answer it in any other way but her own.

        • Who: Vidyut Kale
        • What“Does the argumentative Indian really exist?”
        • Spicy: The current state of Indian politics raises a big question on  its democratic identity. Conversation has ceased to exist, having been replaced by polarizing views and screaming over each other. Add to that the tribe of arm chair activists, and the room for a fair argument just got smaller.

        • WhoRoxanne Bamboat
        • What“Highlights From Sri Lanka”
        • Spicy: Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and shares close relations with India. The people, food and culture bear close resemblance to that of ours and leave a traveler with vibrant and cherished memories. Roxanne shares with us her experience that was planned on a short notice but gave her lasting memories.

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