Tangy Tuesday Picks – January 19, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

The weather has taken an unexpected nice turn ( at least where we’re sitting) which has put us in just the right mood to share some Tangy blog posts. Join our Bloggers To Authors program to scale up your writer quotient. Now scroll down to the blog posts that come from bloggers of all genres and give you the much needed refreshing break.

  • WhoDr. Vishaal Bhat
  • What: “For the love of travelling – Exotic Rajasthan”
  • Tangy: Every Indian state is a world in itself, with a unique culture, terrain and way of life. Rajasthan is one state which is a hit among Indian and foreign travelers alike. The sheer variety of experiences that a tourist can get there makes it the perfect travel destination. Dr. Vishaal Bhat writes an elaborate post about the vibrant state, which will make your visit tempting as well as smooth.

  • What“The Rage of Arjun”
  • Tangy: The Mahabharata is a complete work of art, if there ever was one. From statesmanship to warfare, from love and friendship to betrayal, it touches upon every human emotion. The battle between Pandavas and Kauravas is one of the most important parts of the story, with hundreds of smaller stories in it. Anshuman Bhat narrates one such thrilling episode.

  • WhoPreeti
  • What“It’s Really Ok.”
  • Tangy: It’s human nature to introspect, review and try to improve. Sometimes, this tendency goes a little too far and and we become too hard on ourselves, at the cost of our self esteem and happiness. We make a big deal of small things, mull more than living and regret more than celebrate. Preeti’s post will make you joyous the moment you read it, telling us it is absolutely OK to have some things and miss some things.

  • WhoDivya
  • Tangy: As soon as a child is born, he is thrust into the huge unfathomable world of customs and rituals. While some of these rituals help us to bond and teach us good values, a few rituals are downright regressive and unfair. Nowadays, people do talk of making a positive change by letting go of some of them, but not all of them bridge the gap between talking about it and actually doing it.

  • WhoDamini Grover
  • What“Love-Lose-Learn”
  • Tangy: The journey of life is the most beautiful one. We learn, unlearn and dive through experiences that make us and even break us. We surprise ourselves and we disappoint ourselves. We seek, we achieve we celebrate and deal with the curve balls that life throws at us. Yet we LIVE. Damini takes a stroll through the truth in every experience.

  • WhoShivani Singh
  • What“Jealousy: A Hungry Emotion or a Signpost?”
  • Tangy: We all want to be seen as perfect people who are always positive, good and morally sound. Still, there is a tiny devil on everyone’s shoulder which keeps whispering not-so-positive things in our ear. Shivani talks about her experience with jealousy in her childhood, an emotion most of us wouldn’t confess to feeling.

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