Tangy Tuesday Picks – January 12, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

Aloha! How are you doing this Tuesday? Missing a little tanginess in your lives? Worry not, here’s your weekly dose of it with some fresh blog posts. Have you signed up for our Bloggers To Authors Program to become a published author? Done? Read these great Indian blog posts from last week and tell us your favourites!

  • WhoThe Solitary Writer
  • What“Memoirs of a Workaholic”
  • Tangy: Work life has its own perks. The thought of working on a Sunday elicits a groan in most people. Take that thought and run with it, which might lead to an unpredictable trip on a SUNDAY. Here is a story about a perfect blend of everything that you DO NOT want in your professional life.

  • WhoMayuri R Baruah
  • What“A Slice of the Orient in Mumbai”
  • Tangy: Mumbai is a mysterious city which doesn’t reveal all her secrets even if you have lived here for years. We are sure most of you are aware of temples, mosques and churches in the city but most of them are of Indian gods and goddesses. Did you really know that the island city is also has a Chinese Temple? Yes, so if you are keen on exploring another culture right here in India, visit a temple through this post. Mayuri gives you a lowdown.

  • WhoSiddhesh Kabe
  • What“The Appointment”
  • Tangy: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, they say. Still, people keep antagonizing women with their actions and their prejudices. The irony is that perpetrators of such actions aren’t strong enough to tolerate a woman fighting back. Read this thrilling tale that will leave you wanting more.

  • WhoJanani
  • What: “Weddings are about sharing too!”
  • Tangy: Weddings in India are a serious business. It is a social event which is not just about two people but also about two families coming together forever. What is meant to be a joining of souls has become a transactional business focused on money and dowry. This blogger tests the waters by asking a few people about their thoughts on wedding practices, and comes out with some telling answers.

  • WhoPurba Ray
  • What: “Learning and Unlearning to be a Mom”
  • Tangy: Parenting comes with its own battles. They are tougher when you are a mother. You want to protect your child from all evils and you also want them to fight their own battles because you want them to be responsible. Purba talks about her experiences as a mother to a daughter where she learns and unlearns to balance the heart out.

  • WhoDr. Priyanka Naik
  • What“10 myths about Goa”
  • Tangy: Think Goa and your brain throws up images of beer guzzling, siesta taking Goans who live the relaxed life, only to wake up to enjoy the crazy nightlife. We guess this blogger is fed up of this image of Goa, and writes this blog post to bust some Goan myths.

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