Spicy Saturday Picks – January 9, 2016

Spicy Saturday

BlogAdda is back with a golden gift for bloggers as we begin the New Year. Join our Bloggers To Authors Program and become a published author! We featured author Shubha Vilas at BlogAdda, the author of the book Ramayana – The Game Of Life series. Decode the ‘Voice of Silence’ by writing for our WOW prompt this weekend.

And now presenting the spicy Picks of the week, an apt start to the first weekend of 2016.

        • WhoAmi Bhat
        • What“12 TYPES OF TRAVELERS”
        • Spicy: Apart from places, it is people who amuse us more in our travel adventures. Some like to keep admiring the aura, while some get busy in clicking pictures. Some jump to the food, while some would mingle with the crowds around. We all fall in certain categories as laid down by Ami.

        • WhoAshwini C N
        • What“Of Fixed Mindsets & Prejudices!”
        • Spicy: Many of us live a similar life. We majorly do the same things but doing them differently is what gives us a pleasurable experience. However, we can surprise ourselves with certain regular habits of ours. We tend to give opinions without putting ourselves in the same shoes. Ashwini breaks some prejudices.

        • WhoSharon
        • What“Masculine Home Design: Home Tour + Tips”
        • Spicy: Men are not often known to actively participate in home decor, but they can surely have a taste for the same. A lot of men live alone due to various reasons and this might make them miss a sense of belonging. Doing up your home according to your taste will make you look forward to going home after a long day. Here is an example and some tips by Sharon.

        • WhoNikita Goel
        • What“Nostalgic of Things , People and Places…”
        • Spicy: Whenever things get stressed or too fast, we run back to our happy place, which more often than not is in our childhood. Compared to the current crop of young kids, the older generation had a much more fun, exciting and outdoorsy childhood, as remembered by this blogger.

        • WhoSurender
        • What: “Some Muslims Violence In Malda, West Bengal” 
        • Spicy: The word intolerance has been the most overused word in India this year. More than actual incidents, it is the media who can be held responsible for this with their faulty coverage. We recently saw an example of this when a violent incident in Malda, West Bengal was completely ignored by mainstream media, as opposed to the Dadri riot coverage a few months ago.

        • WhoIndrajit Roy Choudhury
        • What“Dashavatara and Darwinian evolution”
        • Spicy: The current mood of conversation is that ancient Indian knowledge was far ahead of its times, surpassing even modern science in some aspects. Some people might pooh pooh this, but this blogger tells a (fictional) story that might make you pause and think about how evolved our ancestors were.

        • Who: Sam
        • What“Dépaysement”
        • Spicy: The city that we grow in is like a home, and we’re so cocooned in it that we stop noticing it at all. The character of the city is apparent only when we leave it to live in another city, where the drastic change can jolt us out of our comfort zone. Is this shock permanent or a passing phase? Read this blog post to find out.

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