Tangy Tuesday Picks – December 15, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysHello bloggers, we are back with a great collection of blogs for you this week. Go through them to get refreshed this Tuesday. Also do check out our Buzzing Blogosphere on #SalmanVerdict.

  • Who: Saurabh Chawla
  • What“Sell myself, really?”
  • Tangy: In today’s world of cut-throat competition, it is an assumption that the best way to stand out from the crowd is to market yourself, your skills and your USP. It is not enough to have skills and values, people need to know that you possess these qualities. But should this be the case even if you’re not convinced?

  • WhoKala Ravi
  • What“Common-place Curd Rice”
  • Tangy: Curd rice. A simple dish with a simple name that is pretty easy to make. In many houses, it’s the perfect end to a meal, with moms telling us that it ‘cools the stomach’. Curd rice is the ultimate comfort food, but it is not seen as a glamorous dish. This blogger also despised the simple curd rice, until she had a change of heart, so much so that she’s written an ode to the dish!

  • WhoFinding Nimi
  • What“हर सुबह”
  • Tangy: True love knows no borders or limit, but when the time to turn true love into commitment comes, many factors come into play. In our country, inter-faith couples don’t get approval from family or society to spend their lives together. This poem wishes that things were different.

  • WhoLeena Walawalkar
  • What“Hai Dhuaan Hai Dhuaan …….”
  • Tangy: The ‘Odd-Even number cars on the road’ debate has consumed a lot of news space. But the underlying problem of dangerous pollution is being ignored in the bargain. The wanton growth and failure to build strategies for pollution control. This has caused a lot of frustration among citizens, and what better way to vent out some frustration than to resort to sarcasm?

  • WhoNirmalya Deb Roy
  • What: “The enchanting Sirens and their preys in IPL” 
  • Tangy: The IPL, which started off with much fanfare, has been embroiled in controversies since the last few years. This blogger compares the lure of IPL to the myth of sirens, and discusses why corporates and individuals are not immune from its charms.

  • WhoStephen Ak
  • What“Zoo: Good Or Bad?”
  • Tangy: Zoos figure in almost everyone’s happy childhood memories. While seeing wild animals up close makes children deliriously happy, it is only when we grow up that we realize that zoos are not the best place for wild animals to be. So should we do away with zoos or build better zoos that will educate and benefit children?

  • WhoAbhishek Joshi
  • What“‘Facebook at Work’ Finally Launching Soon”
  • Tangy: Your boss probably isn’t too happy about you scrolling through your Facebook news feed in office, but all that is set to change. There is news that Facebook will soon launch ‘Facebook for work’, with features designed to help, and not hinder your work. Read this blog post for details.

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