Spicy Saturday – August 29, 2015

SSP - Indian BloggersThis Spicy Saturday edition is full of festivities and celebration! We bring you Raksha Bandhan, Onam, Pride Parade and World Dog Day! It is an extremely exciting weekend and all the blog posts we read made our day, we hope it makes yours too! Speaking of celebrating, have you booked your tickets to #WIN15 yet? It is where BlogAdda comes together with its beloved bloggers to #CelebrateBlogging. Hurry up before the early bird discount is lifted!

        • Who: Abhijit Ghosh 
        • What: Pride: Pune The Second Chapter
        • Spicy: There is nothing more beautiful than a human embracing his individuality as it is in the face of the universe! Here’s Abhijit recording Pune’s second Gay Pride. A country that stops you from living your life by your choice is not a democracy. Nevertheless, these parallel celebrations of individual choices help the whole community come in the limelight and makes their rights the top most priority. We loved reading about his experience, we’re sure you would too!

        • WhoSweety Pateliya
        • WhatIs the Raksha in Raksha Bandhan for women alone? Lets find out…
        • Spicy: Every festival in India is now prey to ‘modern thinkers’ who wish to change the society with their new ideologies. But is it always necessary? Yes, questioning rituals like karva chauth and others is your right. But stopping others from following these rituals isn’t your right. Today we take a look at Sweety’s blog post and hunt for mistakes in this old custom of tying a holy thread to your brother. It is important to read and understand that some festivities are not to be picked upon, and not all traditional rituals are to be questioned.

        • WhoAbhishek Joshi
        • What: Celebrate World Dog Day
        • Spicy: Every dog has its day. No, not just a quote, they actually have a day dedicated to them! Abhishek gives us seven ways to celebrate this day. Dogs are a man’s best friend and love us more than we love ourselves! Did you celebrate World Dog Day? If you didn’t, then take your dog to the park and celebrate it! Or choose your own way of spending the day with your furry best friend!

        • WhoThe Hofmen
        • What: X + Y : A Beautiful Young Mind
        • Spicy: Here’s Hofmen’s valuable review on a British movie, X + Y: A Beautiful Young Mind. This movie is about a team of students preparing for a Mathematical Olympiad. Even if you’re someone who dislikes maths, watch how the director has beautifully meshed it with romance and search for identity. You’re guaranteed to fall in love with the subject and the movie. Read the review to get more clarity, a review that drove us to watch this movie!

        • Who: Ajanta Dhar
        • WhatFestive India – Happy Onam My Dear Friends!
        • Spicy: Last week Onam was celebrated widely across the country. Most of us were perhaps flooded with photos of delicious food laid down on a leaf. Someone at BlogAdda almost tried to drink paayasam through the screen! Here’s Ajanta documenting Onam festival and inviting all of us to Kerala! We’re already sold and are packing our bags for Onam week to Kerala. Our paayasam deprived soul will no longer be unhappy! Read the post and join us, will you?

        • WhoSaru Singhal
        • What: How I met my brother finally!
        • Spicy: It’s Raksha Bandhan! Everyone speaks about how they met their better halves or best friends. Today we have Saru speaking about how she met her brother and it is the most adorable story ever! We love everything especially the part where she thought her mother must ‘bring’ her brother from the hospital, whenever she went for check-ups, but couldn’t cause the hospital perhaps got closed. Read it over here and get a dose of sisterly innocence this Raksha Bandhan. Share some of your stories with us in comments!

        • WhoParul Thakur
        • What: #FridayReflections – Sibling Love
        • Spicy: Parul speaks about her special relation with her brother right from the time he was born to the time they fought over Maggi and ends it with their equation today. A sibling relationship should be cherished and today, as we celebrate this precious relationship between a brother and sister this post is the best post to end our Spicy Saturday edition with. Happy Raksha Bandhan everybody!

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