Spicy Saturday – August 22, 2015

Best Blog Posts This week’s Spicy Saturday edition is here and we’re very excited to show you some of the best blog posts we’ve come across. Every Saturday we wait to bring you interesting to posts to get you rejuvenated. Before that, check out this week’s WOW prompt. Also, don’t forget this is the last weekend to dance to the #MaxFreshMove song and win prizes upto Rs. 90,000. Oh, and have you gotten your tickets for WIN15 yet? Yes, they’re out, that too at special Early Bird rates. Nominate your blog here for #WIN15 awards if you haven’t, as nominations will close soon! Without further ado, here are this Saturday’s posts!

        • Who: Surabhi Chatterjee
        • WhatNaarivaad Ka Drama
        • Spicy:  We live in a society that speaks loudly on feminism but has very little or no understanding of what it truly means. Feminism isn’t a war against men, it is to bring a society which is entirely equal for all genders. Although, until now it has only been focusing upon two genders. But, due to the misconception of basic concepts of feminism, we are creating a society where men fear saying too much or being too expressive. Here’s Surabhi elaborating on this fact as she speaks to a paanwaala who tells her his side of the story.

        • WhoSugat Chaturvedi
        • What: A majority of votes did not mean a majority support for AAP in Delhi
        • Spicy: Wondering what happened during Delhi Elections in 2013? This is a late but a much-needed analysis by Sugat Chaturvedi who has broken down the whole election to us with insights on what an average voter must have thought. You may hail our democracy for we had a new party secure a position in the capital so fast. But, this is where democracy plays a tricky role, it is perhaps only a veil to shadow the reality of a voter’s mindset.

        • Who: Suman Deb Ray
        • What: Quill – A not so simple feather
        • Spicy: A short story will perhaps take less than 2 minutes to read. A good short story is capable of filling  a book of 400 pages with its mystery and climax. Short stories require a good handle on creativity. They are usually the hardest because of the length restrictions it brings. To tailor a story within these parameters is really commendable. Read Suman’s story and have your mind blown for the entire weekend!

        • WhoAjay B Pai
        • What: Shower That Entices
        • Spicy: Shower thoughts are the most profound and the ones that usually get lost as soon as we step out. This is the most important time of our day where we are entirely by ourselves. Therefore, the thoughts simply flow in and we are hit by epiphanies. No surprise that Archimedes understood the theory of displacement in his bathtub. Here’s Ajay who has written a poem about a relaxing shower.

        • Who: Tarun Verma
        • What: Happy Photography Day!
        • Spicy: 19th August was World Photography Day. Belated wishes to you! How did you celebrate it? If you weren’t aware and/or didn’t celebrate it then come and read Tarun’s post dedicated to this day. If you’re passionate about photography or know someone who is, this post is for you! It is always good to read assorted blogs in one place, isn’t it?

        • Who: Neer Varshney
        • What: 10 Revolutionary Moments of 69 Years of Independence that Redefined India
        • Spicy: Did you enjoy Independence Day? Have a look back to 10 revolutionary moments of India post-independence. Sometime we need to re-visit history to look positively at the present. Here’s Neer walking us through 10 moments of the past that will make us proud of our heritage!

        • Who: Mansi Prasad
        • What: Book of Best 10 Bombay Brunches
        • Spicy: It’s Saturday! You must have some great weekend plans, and if you’re in Bombay, here are 10 places to go for brunches this weekend. The mouth-watering photos by Mansi are more than enough to tempt you! If you live elsewhere then share your favourite places to go for brunches. We’d love to have an extensive list for the whole country. A brunch weekend in every state!

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  1. @blogadda, thankyou, for featuring my poem on Spicy saturdays. That’s super cool! Unexpected +Team BlogAdda Also, I loved the way you guys presented me on the forum of +Team BlogAdda. Thanku Again.

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