Tangy Tuesday Picks – July 21, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysFun never ends at BlogAdda. We love ideas and creative encounters with words that pour in from our bloggers. This time too we were on the receiving end of some amazing blogs. We know you are too busy and we do not want you to miss out  on the awesome stuff on our blogging world, so here we have handpicked a few that were the best of all. If you think you could be one of  these, then send in your entries to us and you can be featured in out Tangy Tuesday or Spicy Saturday edition of the week. Below is your dose of weekly blog posts.

  • WhoRoshan R
  • What“I Can See All That You Tell Her”
  • Tangy: In a brilliant initiative, Roshan refills our hearts with compassion and acceptance towards all things alive in his post which is a part of #1000Speak. He nails it with an observation, “It is just possible, that over 99% of the living world has got it right instead of us.” There is a lot for humans to conquer on Earth except Mars and Pluto.

  • WhoAmruta
  • What“Up Above The World So High”
  • Tangy: Have you ever seen your flight journey as a dream? Amruta did. With a poetic eye, she beautifully describes the simple flight journey that made her transit through the two elements of nature i.e. land and air. Take a trip with her and know the wonders of a flight travel, whether you do it in luxury, need or emergency.

  • WhoAkanksha Dureja
  • What“An Open Letter To Ashok Singhal”
  • Tangy: India’s political class has been subject to a lot of criticism because of its lack of rationality, practicality and timely intervention on important issues. In the wake of India’s vision, our leaders have ended up creating a misleading image making the simplification of the complex system even more difficult. Aksnksha brings out the reality.

  • Who: Priya Adivarekar
  • What“How To Get Fit During Monsoons”
  • Tangy: Monsoons only make you eat more, wake up late and relax more only to enjoy the climate to the fullest. This leaves your fitness regime a little loose making you prone to losing and gaining weight and everything that follows with it. So isn’t it important to stick to some basic and yet effective exercises that do wonders for your body and maintaining the stamina while you have fun with rains? Priya has the answers as she guides you further.

  • WhoSrishti Chandra
  • What“Highs and Lows – Poised Work Place Charmer”
  • Tangy: Fashion can be a lot of fun outside ramp too. There is so much to experiment and discover that you will find this whole of lifetime short to do justice to your style cravings. Srishti brings to us and effortless attempt to live up to the tag of “professional/corporate goddess.”

  • Who: D.Nambiar
  • What“Seeing The Seattle From The Space”
  • Tangy: Rare are the moments when you get to know the essence of a place while hearing it from someone who has already visited the place  When the description and text makes you want to visit the place know that the person has been through the place and even lived it to the fullest. D. Nambiar tells you how should you go about seeing Seattle from the Space Needle in Washington.

  • Who: Dhiren Navani
  • What“Entrepreneur”
  • Tangy: It is in that mind to change the norms, redefine the rules and pave the way for the dream to come alive. To unite people and celebrate the journey, one takes the will with courage to define the self and the purpose. There is more to an entrepreneur as Dhiren narrates.

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  1. Thank you so much BlogAdda for featuring my article ‘Up above the world so high’.
    Looking forward to this exciting journey with BlogAdda!

    Cheers 🙂

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