Spicy Saturday Picks – July 04, 2015

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That is not all, we are ready with our best blogs of the week. Check them out!

        • Who:  Nabanil
        • What: “Getting Up, Nepal”
        • Spicy: We can fight with problems created by humans but a battle against nature is often lost. We are referring to the Nepal tragedy that has changed the history pages forever. Sammya, a volunteer for an NGO called SEWA International recalls the heart breaking moments making a call for collective help. (Tipped by Sammya Brata)

        • Who: Purushu Arie
        • What: “Rainbow Tainted DP And It’s Concubines”
        • Spicy: As the world witnessed a historical judgement by US legalizing gay marriages, Facebook celebrated it with a rainbow tainted display picture which of course had critics sending out a ‘You are an Indian’ alert. Lest we fail to remember which land we belong to. Purushu is asking you to be liberal and human.

        • Who: Parul Thakur
        • What: “Many Myths About HR”
        • Spicy: If you thought HR is a cool and an easy job profile, meant for girls (and/or guys) to chill out with friends, you need to know what Parul has to say. She switched her career choice to HR to follow her heart and it is clearly not about partying with your colleagues. Kudos to HR professionals!

        • Who: Akanksha Dureja
        • What: “Selfies Don’t Change Mindsets, Actions Do!”
        • Spicy: Women are always a topic of discussion, especially if they are powerful. If not, she is raped easily and it is not important to fight to give her justice. Sadly and majorly these lines have crossed the limit to an extent that our country (like literally!) is getting known for it. We cannot change these topics by making them trend on Twitter. A woman elaborates!

        • Who: Rajtilak Bhattacharjee
        • What: “Rock n Roll, In My Soul” 
        • Spicy: All the dance fanatics would want to take up a rock-n-roll session after reading this blog post. It is all you wanted to know about the fun and trippy form of music that was once a lifestyle. All you wanted to know about Rock-N-Roll is right here. Oh yes! Hip Hop and other forms cannot replace it. It’s lost some where and Rajtilak just brought the fever back.

        • Who: Jaibala Rao
        • What: “Save The Animals, They Need Us Now”
        • Spicy: The world seems to be opening up to higher levels of consciousness to understand the importance of ‘live and let live’. It is not just about humans, but also about animals. Jaibala alerts you to pay attention to the species that are in danger and might not entertain our future generations if you do not spare time RIGHT NOW.

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