Spicy Saturday Picks – April 4, 2015

Spicy SaturdayThe Pepsi IPL fever is just a few days away, and Pepsi and Blogadda invite you to #CrashThePepsiIPL in your own style by blogging for the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity. Be at your quirkiest and funniest best, because for the first time in the Indian blogosphere, YOU have to decide the theme that you want to blog on! So start blogging and stand a chance to win vouchers worth Rs. 1.5 lakhs! And since it’s Saturday, we have chosen some great blog posts by Indian bloggers for you to read, so enjoy!

        • Who: Damini Grover
        • What: “LIGHTS, CAMERA, PAUSE!”
        • Spicy: Most people have dreamt of having a perfect life as shown on screen – glitzy, glossy and perfect. Stories on celluloid almost always have a happy ending, because they are manufactured to be that way. But if we can be a little conscious of our lives, we can be on the director’s chair, or even be the stars of our own movie, we mean life.

        • Who: K Balakumar
        • What: “3.14 reasons for journalists to give up listicles”
        • Spicy: Listicles – a portmanteau of ‘list’ and ‘articles’ have become the chosen way of disseminating information on websites. While their ability to serve information in bite sized pieces has made them popular, they can sometimes cross the line between casual and inane. This blogger gives us some reasons why listicles should be done away with in a fun post.

        • Who: Divya Lavanya D
        • What: “Is ‘doing what you love’ overrated?”
        • Spicy: The earlier generation was all about getting a safe job and being ‘settled’ in their lives, but the current generation thrives on finding their passion and living for it. What then defines an important job – your love for it or the difference it makes to the world?

        • Who: Hemani Jain
        • What: “Jack and His Beans”
        • Spicy: All of us have heard the story of Jack and the beanstalk, where Jack defeats the giant and lives happily ever after. This blogger looks for hidden symbolism in the story and adapts it to give some lessons that are relevant even with the changing times.

        • Who: Sophia Jose
        • What: “The Journey of “Finding Yourself””
        • Spicy: Recent movies like Highway and Queen have featured regular women who ‘discover themselves’ in the course of the story. This blog post takes off from this phenomenon and explores the concept of ‘Individuation’, a process of finding one’s true self. A worthy read.

        • Who: Gaurav Sethi
        • What: “The Tendu Of Small Things”
        • Spicy: It was the first World Cup after Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement, and while he was sorely missed on the field, his position as the ambassador of the Cricket World Cup gave fans a chance to see him quite often during matches and presentation ceremonies. This blogger writes a poem about Sachin’s presence in the matches.

        • Who: Rathina Sankari N
        • What: “Halebid The Jewellery Box Of India”
        • Spicy: Halebid might look like a sleepy town in Karnataka, but it it is also home to the beautiful Hoysaleshwar Temple, which is one of the most outstanding examples of Hoysala architecture. This blogger visits the temple and finds out the gems of history hidden in the place. Take a look at some of the beautiful pictures of the visit.

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