Spicy Saturday Picks – March 28, 2015

Spicy Saturday It’s a summer Saturday at BlogAdda and all of you must be scampering to make plans for Sunday, because dreams of watching India play in the finals got dashed. Well, you can write for this week’s WOW prompt ‘A Never Ending Summer‘ over the weekend. After that, take a look at this week’s Spicy Saturday Picks, which have great blog posts from Indian bloggers, and don’t forget to tell us which ones you like best!

        • Who: Debosmita Nandy
        • What: “If You Have a Son, Here’s What You can do to Bridge the Gender Gap””
        • Spicy: Try reading this blog post to find out. As they say, ‘Don’t teach your daughter to be safe, teach your son not to assault women’. Gender roles in India are so skewed that it seems like men and women inhabit different worlds. Older guys who have been brought up with faulty values may not be too keen on changing their ways, but we can make sure that the boys in the next generation grow up with the right ideas about gender.

        • Who: Ira
        • What: “A Human Body’s Revelation – Don’t Clown With Me”
        • Spicy: The only thing that lasts with us forever is our body, yet we take it for granted and neglect and even abuse it. This behaviour obviously has some backlash, and it’s not long before our body gives up. This blogger writes a letter from the human body to us, exhorting us to treat it with some respect.

        • Who: Priya Adivarekar
        • What: “5 ways to wear a Graphic Tee”
        • Spicy: Summer is the time when you can wear graphic tees with aplomb, with the sunny atmosphere being the perfect excuse for it. Wearing them with denims all the time can get boring, so how about we give you some ideas to style them?

        • Who: Shuvashree Ghosh
        • What: “Germanwings Flight 9525”
        • Spicy: The ill-fated Germanwings Flight 9525, which was deliberately crashed into the French Alps by its co-pilot, has shaken up the world and inspired sorrow and support for all its 150 victims. This blogger also tries to make sense of the tragedy with this blog post.

        • Who: Lakshmi Sharath
        • What: “Can a traveller make money ?”
        • Spicy: Travel and money-making are considered antithetical, for most people save up money to spend on travel. But travel bloggers can make their passion into their profession and earn from their travel experience. How? Read this blog post to get started.

        • Who: Siddhartha Joshi
        • What: “Life Of A Desi Langot Pehalwan In A Mathura Akhara”
        • Spicy: Desi wrestlers, or pehalwans are not as glamorous as WWE or RAW wrestlers, nor do they enjoy the same level of fandom. What they do have is a dedication for the sport of wrestling and a spartan lifestyle that enables them to live their passion. Take a look at their life with this blog post.

        • Who: Suranga Date
        • What: “Aga Aga Mhashi….”
        • Spicy: Cricket fever has taken over the country, and while we mourn over India’s loss in the semis, there is another form of cricket – gully cricket, that is bringing innovation to the gentleman’s game. Read this tongue in cheek account from a blogger, and decide if these rules should be taken up at the international level.

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