Spicy Saturday Picks – March 14, 2015

Spicy Saturday The weekend is a time to relax and reduce the frantic pace of the week. Blog about how you De-stress with the Parachute #SlowDownZindagi activity before Sunday midnight and win vouchers! If you haven’t taken the Ariel #WashBucketChallenge yet, click here to register an you could win a brand new fully automatic washing machine! The weekend also has Spicy Saturday Picks where you get to read some of the best blog posts from Indian bloggers.

        • Who: Amreen B. Shaikh
        • What: “A crushed flower”
        • Spicy: The whole nation went into collective mourning when they heard about the assault and death of Nirbhaya aka Jyoti Singh. All of us may have empathized and stood by her, but only she can know what she went through. This blogger tries to take a look inside Jyoti’s mind.

        • Who: Sunil Deepak
        • What: “Myntra Decides To Ditch Web Completely”
        • Spicy: It seems only like yesterday when we started shifting from shopping in physical stores to online shopping websites. Then came the shopping apps, but they were seen only as accessories to the main website. Now, in another major shift, Myntra has decided to ditch online shopping completely in favour of mobile app shopping.

        • Who: Shravya Gunipudi
        • What: “The Secret To Happiness”
        • Spicy: There have been many books and manuals written about finding happiness, and ‘How to be happy?’ is among the top questions on anyone’s mind. This blogger finds out that the answer to this question might be quite a simple one.

        • Who: Alka Gurha
        • What: “Send and Receive”
        • Spicy: In the earlier days, vacations meant packing the whole family into a train and visiting relatives and weddings or other functions were flimsy excuses for the whole family to descend on a welcoming household. The hospitality began at the train station as the guests were received with full fanfare. This blogger takes a look back at these simpler times.

        • Who: The Awesomium Project
        • What: “Women In Science”
        • Spicy: With all the debate around women’s safety recently, people seem to think that women are something to be protected. But women are pioneers and scientists, trailblazing individuals who light up the path with their brilliance. Take a look at this post to see just how far women have gone in the field of science.

        • Who: Shailaja V
        • What: “Hands free- A life lesson”
        • Spicy: Technology is a blessing when it comes to communicating, staying touch with loved ones regardless of the physical distance, knowing what’s going on in the world and adding your two bits to it. But it is up to us to decide whether to employ technology or become slaves to it, forgetting what’s really important in the bargain.

        • Who: Meenakshi
        • What: “Some bad-ass Indian queens”
        • Spicy: Game of Thrones fans are well versed with Daenarys Targaryen and other strong women characters. If you look closer home, there is no dearth of strong women rulers in India who have been an inspiration for ages.

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