WOW – ‘The Goddess’

For all those who keep a track of current affairs, it might be a depressing time which has atrocities against women and misogyny splashed all over the headlines. In a country which boasts of a pantheon of not just Gods but also Goddesses, isn’t it time for women to reclaim their status as a Goddess? Use this week’s WOW creative prompt to tell us what you think of this subject!

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This week’s WOW prompt is – ‘The Goddess’.

Women are revered in this country in the form of Goddesses, but people are just as quick to tear real women off the pedestal. You might even be of the opinion that women needn’t be given the position of a Goddess, just treating her as a respectable human being is enough.

With this creative prompt, you can talk about this dichotomy, about a Goddess who has inspired you, a real life woman that you think is a Goddess, or anything else that comes to your mind. We know you will have loads to say about the topic, and we are waiting for your wonderful thoughts on the WOW prompt – ‘The Goddess’.

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