Spicy Saturday Picks – February 28, 2015

Spicy SaturdayWe are back with Spicy Saturday Picks – some of the best blog posts by Indian bloggers this week. Saturday means it is also the last weekend before the ‘The World Remade‘ activity ends, so blog for it now to win passes to the India Today #Conclave15 worth Rs. 1 lakh each! 

        • Who: Nivedita Louis
        • What: “To Avijit and Rafia- letter from a sidewalk”
        • SpicyAmerican-Bangladeshi blogger Avijit and his wife Rafida Ahmed Banna were ruthlessly attacked in Bangladesh, an attack which cost Avijit his life. Brave Rafida now has to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life, and as tribute to the fearlessness of Avijit and Rafida, this blogger pens a poem.

        • Who: Shivani Shourie
        • What: “Aachhu! Swine flu!”
        • Spicy: As the swine flu toll crosses the 1000 mark, the conversation around swine flu has turned into a panicked discussion about how to stay safe from this disease. In some cases, this panic can turn into weird and frankly funny situations, as this doctor experienced. 

        • Who: Arti
        • What: “16th Annual Yoga Festival: My Call To Rishikesh”
        • Spicy: The river Ganga is one entity that transcends mythology and reality, and has as much importance in stories from childhood as it has in the livelihood of people in the north of India. Most travelers proclaim to feeling a sense of calm and peace on the banks of the Ganges, as this blogger discovers.

        • Who: Garima Nag
        • What: “Who is a bad girl?”
        • Spicy: Recently, a photo which depicted ‘Who is a bad girl’ went viral on social media, which would anger any sane person. We don’t know if the photo was a serious or sarcastic one, but this blogger has a reply for all the points that make a girl ‘bad’.

        • Who: Anamika Nandedkar
        • What: “You know you are in a fauji home when…”
        • Spicy: It is easy to distinguish an army person from a ‘civilian’ in a crowd, but did you know that the homes of army personnel also have some distinguishing factors that set them apart from normal homes? Here is a tongue in cheek account of this phenomenon.

        • Who: Shwetha Bhat
        • What: “A promise to keep”
        • Spicy: Be it sisters or soul sisters, sisterhood is a bond that is very difficult to break, and you can find all the happiness and comfort in the arms of a sister who understands you perfectly. Read this touching story about one such bond.

        • Who: Prerna Sinha
        • What: “Early Teenage in Kids”
        • Spicy: Technically, teenage starts at the age of thirteen, but nowadays, the age at which puberty sets in is steadily getting lowered, with kids showing adolescent tendencies as early as 8-10 years of age. Concerned parents share their views about their kids who grow up too fast.

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