Spicy Saturday Picks – February 21, 2015

Spicy SaturdayThis week’s Spicy Saturday Picks have the best of Indian blog posts for you to enjoy. After you’ve checked out the work of other bloggers, you can go ahead and blog for ‘The World Remade‘, and win passes to the India Today #Conclave15 worth Rs. 1 lakh each! This week’s WOW Prompt is also quite intriguing, and we can’t wait to see what stories you come up with. So Get, Set, Blog!


        • Who: Ranjini.S
        • What: “The Vicious Garland”
        • SpicyWhen in college, youngsters dream of working for a big company, for the sense of belonging that it brings as much as the respect that it commands. But every belonging also demands a price to be paid, which the enthusiastic youngster fails to see in the bright glare of employment.

        • Who: Rutavi Mehta
        • What: “Surajkund Festival 2015”
        • Spicy: The Surajkund Festival is a great way for the different states of India to display their arts, craft and culture and a superb place for tourists to experience the best of a state at one place. This blogger discovers the Surajkund Festival through her lenses. Take a tour right here!

        • Who: Ankur Agarwal
        • What: “YouTube To Launch An Android App For Kids”
        • Spicy: Kids are no longer just consumers of whatever their parents buy for them, but legitimate decision makers themselves. YouTube is banking on this fact and launching an Android app only for kids. This app will feature videos for children displayed via attractive thumbnails and timer setting which parents can monitor. More edutainment for children and no more trawling through YouTube for child-friendly videos for parents!

        • Who: Ashwini Dodani
        • What: “Abstract Is Beautiful”
        • Spicy: All our lives, we are taught to stay inside the framework, colour inside the lines and generally live by the rules. But when we look back in our golden years, will we remember following the rules or the abstract moments when we let ourselves go?

        • Who: R V Purusothaman
        • Spicy: When it comes to sharp dressing, the choices truly are limited for men as compared to the options that women have. But it is quite possible to be nattily dressed in a formal environment even within the constraints of men’s wear, if some rules are followed and some imagination is used.

        • Who: Chakoli
        • What: “Work Life Balance – a FANTASY or REALITY!”
        • Spicy: One of the top tips given for getting happiness in life is to ‘maintain work-life balance’. But with most of us working overtime and commuting for hours, is it really possible to maintain a healthy life where our professional and personal lives are perfectly synced?

        • Who: Sanjay Thampy
        • What: “My Interview with God”
        • Spicy: Let’s get realistic – the world that we live in is far from perfect. From ruthless killings to people getting offended left, right and centre, the affairs of the world are really not in order. This blogger tried taking the matter to the CEO of the world – God and interviewing him (or her) about the state of matters.

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