Spicy Saturday Picks – February 7, 2015

Spicy SaturdaySo are you all set for the weekend? Before you finalize your plans, don’t forget to submit your blog posts for the Bluestone #SoundOfLove to win a pure gold #SoundofLove band! And if you’re kicked about Social Media Week Bangalore, take the #SMWBangalore blogging challenge and win a Dell tablet or passes to SMW! Do head over to our Book Reviews section for we have not one but three books for you to review! Also read on to discovery some very interesting blog posts of this week – they are sure to brighten up your weekend!


        • Who: Prason Christopher Robin
        • What: “Five Bravest Cricketers of All Time”
        • Spicy: The World Cup 2015 is just days away and it will take all the guts in the world for any team to carve their name on the World Cup trophy. Before the cricketing nations battle it out on the field, let’s take a look at some of the game’s warriors who showed remarkable bravery on the field.

        • Who: Ankur Agarwal
        • What: “Google Search To Feature Real Time Tweets Soon”
        • Spicy: Pretty soon, your tweet might turn up on Google’s search page if someone searches for the topic that you have tweeted about. Google and Twitter have reached an agreement about real time tweets showing up on Google Search, thereby increasing traffic and engagement on Twitter.

        • Who: Roshan R
        • What: “When Doctors follow the plan”
        • Spicy: In India, most people’s perception of another person depends on his caste, religion or even gender, owing to the stereotypes deeply entrenched in our collective psyche. This blogger, who is also a doctor, wakes up a tad too late about following this plan which he seemed to have missed till now.

        • Who: K Balakumar
        • What: “Catching ‘em old”
        • Spicy: With the all important board exams approaching at break neck speed, students are cramming as much knowledge into their brains as they can. Instead of overloading their grey cells with information, why not try and work with every student as an individual and customize study plans to suit their needs?

        • Who: The Tales of a Traveler
        • Spicy: India’s neighbour Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with beaches, great food and of course, Ceylon Tea. It would be a dream to spend an idyllic week in Sri Lanka, but these bloggers show you that it is possible to soak in the delight that is Sri Lanka even on a short trip.

        • Who: Sakshi Nanda
        • What: “The ‘Other’ Inbox on Facebook; A Love Story”
        • Spicy: Is Facebook only a social media network? We think it has grown into an ego booster, with every like, comment and emoticon boosting our confidence and acting as a salve for the self esteem that gets bruised in daily life. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this blogger’s personal experience and tell us what you think!

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