Create Fearlessly with Hamilton Beach!

“This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, BE FEARLESS, and above all have fun” – Julia Child


Cooking is fun. Anyone can create magical dishes, but not many people realize their potential to do so. You need not be a great chef to create unique & different dishes fearlessly, you only need unmatched passion and creativity.

Imagine a Pizza with Naan as its base, Coffee with a hint of chilli in it or a Panini filled with Tandoori Paneer and mint chutney. Such unconventional recipes are the result when you #CreateFearlessly.

The time is now to cook up tantalizing dishes fearlessly with Hamilton Beach.

For the first time in the Indian Blogosphere, bloggers are going to get the best of kitchen appliances. Try them, flaunt them, cook using them and blog about them!

BlogAdda in association with Hamilton Beach presents the #CreateFearlessly activity where you can unleash your kitchen creativity and stun the world with innovative recipes.

Here is what you have to do-

  • Apply for this activity by clicking on the ‘Apply Here’ button below. Please select the profile that matches best with you from the options given in the image below.



  • Bloggers shortlisted for this activity will receive a confirmation mail. There are a limited number of appliances to be received, so apply at the earliest!
  • We will ship the Hamilton Beach kitchen appliances closest to your preferred profile.
  • Once you receive the product, you will have to publish:
    • A blog post about the entire experience of using the product and the dishes you prepared.
    • A blog post with photos and a video of the product in use right from unboxing till the preparation of a dish using it.

We would love to see a lot of photos and a video in your experience post. 

If you think you can #CreateFearlessly in the kitchen with top of the line appliances and give the world new recipes, BlogAdda is waiting for your application for this activity!

Want a sneak peek into some of the Hamilton Beach home appliances you can receive? BlogAdda unboxed some of the products specially for you. Take a look at the video below!


Terms & Conditions

71 Replies to “Create Fearlessly with Hamilton Beach!”

  1. Is blogadda also sending any emails for rejection?

    Would request them to do so in case of not being selected as-well so that we do not keep wondering

  2. Well it’s very disheartening that Blogadda does not even consider replying on the queries of the

    bloggers. What I have noticed is that bloggers have been asking about the status over the last few

    weeks. Blogadda can do is atleast reply. I received a call from them twice asking me to write for other

    activities. When I enquired about the Hamilton Beach Activity they said shortlisting process is still going

    on. To which I asked them to atleast reply to the blogger queries as they are waiting for it with great

    expectations. To which there reply was they cannot reply for every query or they cannot send mail for

    every rejection. I don’t understand that when they can call every blogger for writing about a post why

    they can’t inform every blogger via mail atleast.

    To my question on why everytime only popular bloggers are chosen for these activities they said it is not

    the case. They give opportunity to every blogger. When I enquired what is the selection criteria they

    retracted back on what they just said and clarified that it is the sponsor who is shortlisting the blogger.

    Since the dispatch has already been done for few bloggers it means the shortlisting process is over and

    they should disable the apply now button.

    This is not the case with only this activity. This I have noticed with other activities such as book review as

    well which has limited copies to be sent.

    I am ok and I am not against anybody. I understand that it’s a marketing activity and sponsor will like to

    go with bloggers who have more followers. But there is a responsibility of Blogadda to reply the queries

    for the people which are inherent part of their platform. I have only 2 feedbacks:

    1) If you have to shortlist only popular and established blogger who have some minimum number

    of wins or visits per month please do mention in the criteria so that other bloggers do not carry

    that false hope that they will be selected based on first come first serve basis.

    2) Please do reply to the queries else the forum which you have created for bloggers to comment

    does not have any significance and does not serve any purpose.

  3. Eagerly waiting to get my hands run into kitchen with the device in there!

    Blogadda team – any updates ?

  4. waiting,waiting,waiting,…. to see the selected person .how long blogadda. hope to be selected ):

  5. i really wish to be selected! are you done with shortlisting? this would be great to start my youtube channel! 🙂 hoping for the best! cant wait to #createfearlessly

  6. Hello Everyone

    All the shortlisted bloggers will receive an email. All the best to everyone!

    @Partha This is open for everyone, both men and women.

  7. Hey team Blogadda

    Are the bloggers shortlisted for the activity ? Any info when the mails would arrive ?

    Eagerly awaiting.


  8. Blogadda please tell if shortlisted process over or not?
    Whether we wait to anticipate the mail..

    Please kindly issue more guidelines about it.

  9. @TeamBolgAdda, waiting eagerly to get a mail from you…please please I want to participate 🙂

  10. Hi Team,

    Is the shortlisting over? It would be nice if you could let us know if it is over since as you see, we are still eagerly waiting for it. 🙂

  11. i think they won’t select anyone further since many bloggers have received the product.I wish i get selected atleast next time if any ):

  12. I cannot understand one thing why they are giving multiple products to a single blogger instead of giving to different bloggers. Please Blogadda this is not fair.

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