Spicy Saturday Picks – January 10, 2015

Spicy SaturdayAfter a tiring week, all of us welcome the arrival of Saturday. This has been an exciting week for bloggers with the start of #UseYourAnd and the chance to win a car with the Get. Set. Bolt. activity. Make sure you write for these two amazing activities. And also make sure to go through the best blog posts of the week in Spicy Saturday Picks.

        • Who: Ranjini.S
        • What: “Tresses – Thick, Long, Beautiful and Lost”
        • Spicy: A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, framing her face and making her more desirable. This crowning glory is precious to every woman, young or old. Read this beautiful post, narrating the life of a woman through her tresses.

        • Who: Soumya Prasad
        • What: “The Other Woman”
        • Spicy: The general belief is that loyalty is found only in marriages and any relationship outside its framework is illegitimate, just plain wrong. But don’t they say every coin has two sides? Check out this blog post and tell us who you would side with in this story.

        • Who: Zoran Saher
        • What: “Mumbai Through My Eyes…”
        • SpicyPeople who live in Mumbai, or Mumbaikars as they are called, are usually blind to the beauty of their city. They prefer to put their heads down and rush about for their work. It is only through an outsider’s eyes that we can see the flawed beauty of the City of Dreams, as seen in this blog post.

        • Who: Fiza Dawn
        • What: “There are wounds that never show on the body”
        • Spicy: Teenage years are a tumultuous time, what with all the changes and growing up that happen whether you like it or not. Teenagers are mostly seen as bratty and impossible, but this blog post says that they need to be handled with care so they can blossom.

        • Who: Ekta Khetan
        • What: “Men Makes Cloths”
        • Spicy: What should I wear today? Does this dress make me look fat? These questions related to clothes trouble us everyday of our lives. What happens when these clothes start dictating more than just what we look like? Should we really allow things to reach such a point? In view of the recent Paris killings, this question has become more pertinent than ever.

        • Who: M V Teja Chilamakuri
        • What: “Destroying Stereotypes Joke by Joke”
        • Spicy: Indians make up one the biggest diaspora in many countries, excelling in every field they choose, yet they are stuck in the stereotype of the ‘brown’ person who comes from an underdeveloped country of snake charmers. The best way to deal with prejudice is to laugh at it, and that is exactly what some Indian origin artists are doing.

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