Spicy Saturday Picks, January 3, 2015

Spicy SaturdayFather Time has done his job and we have welcomed 2015 with a bang. We’ve learnt from our mistakes of last year and are looking at the new year with great hope. You can start the new year on an amazing note by participating in the Get. Set. Bolt. activity and getting a chance to win a Bolt from Tata Motors! And here are the best blog posts to spice up your weekend.

        • Who: Shailaja V
        • What: “Wishlist for 2015: A Mother’s Hope”
        • Spicy: We all ask for wishes for ourselves on New Year’s Eve, hoping that the coming year will be better than the last. After becoming parents, all these wishes are transferred to the children and the only hope we have is for them to have a fruitful and happy year.

        • Who: Ada Wiam
        • What: “FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT…”
        • Spicy: There are small problems and then there are events that alter the course of your life. When these events take place, we prefer to retreat into a shell. Much as we would like it, can we stay in there forever?

        • Who: Narmada
        • What: “When you don’t know what to say…”
        • SpicySympathy and empathy might sound similar, but there is a sea of difference between the two. Most people would love to help when someone they love is in pain and don’t know how. Read this blog post to see what this blogger feels about it.

        • Who: Vinitha
        • What: “Forever Love”
        • Spicy: Relationships might not last forever, but love does. It is said that once you love someone, you never stop having a soft corner for them. If you’ve ever been in love, this poem is for you.

        • Who: Namrata M
        • What: “Diary of a Lost Wanderer: Starry Nights”
        • Spicy:  A brilliant blog post. We don’t want to reveal anything more. Just go and read.

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