Polish ‘Mother of Bloggers’ visits BlogAdda!

Our Adda is  where bloggers connect with each other and exchange notes and ideas, and sometimes inspiration too! While most of this action takes place online, the BlogAdda office recently witnessed a connection of epic proportions, when Polish blogger Ilona Patro came to visit and learn first hand about the blogging community in India.


Ilona Patro, is the first blogger from Poland to merge her love for travel and her pasion for blogging into a new project- ‘Travel Around the Blogs’ which takes her around the world, meeting bloggers and discovering new places.

After landing in India, she made a beeline to the BlogAdda office, where she was all smiles as she was given a traditional Indian welcome, being especially interested in the garland. Ilona interacted with Team BlogAdda and Shruti Garodia, and the two exchanged notes about their experiences in the Blogosphere.

Ilona with the team

Ilona, who is known as the ‘mother of bloggers’ in Poland because of her efforts to bring together bloggers and arrange events for them, was very happy to know that BlogAdda has connected thousands of bloggers across the country.

After a lengthy session of sharing experiences and anecdotes, the visit ended on a sweet note with Ilona extending an invitation to Indian bloggers to come to Poland and get to know the culture there, and gifting Team BlogAdda some special Polish sweets!

Thank You Ilona

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