BlogAdda’s bloggers show the way ahead for Blogosphere on NDTV!

The sheer number of bloggers on BlogAdda, writing on topics ranging from technology to motherhood, Bollywood to banking is a testimony to the fact that blogging in India is here to stay. But for a country where the vast majority of the blogging community writes for their personal satisfaction, monetising a blog is still desirable but distant possibility for most of us.

In such a case, who better to give advice on making it big in the Indian blogosphere than some of the biggest names in the community? When the country’s premier infotainment channel NDTV Prime’s show ‘Heads Up’ wanted to put the spotlight on blogging with a special on ‘Blogging: Just a hobby or a full time profession’, they turned to for bloggers who could light the way ahead for enthusiastic bloggers in the country.

BlogAdda sent four of the site’s most prolific bloggers- leading technology blogger Rahul Prabhakar, travel and lifestyle blogger Manjulika Pramod  Best Food Blogger  at #WIN14 Rekha Kakkar and technology and startup blogger Mohul Ghosh to the show where they shared their blogging journey and gave some invaluable tips to bloggers who want to know more about monetizing blogs & convert their passion for blogging into a profitable enterprise.

Rahul Prabhakar says, “If you start looking at the money right at the outset, then your blogging career will go as far (sic). You need to identify your niche, once the dialogue (with the readers) is open, there is no looking back.”

Manjulika Pramod had this to say, “You should be creative, and be honest with your readers. You should also be regular with your blog, and not let your blog sleep for 6 months. Also, network with other bloggers, that helps.”

Mohul says, “A blogger must have the power to observe and express the things through words or pictures.”

Rekha summed up the debate wonderfully by saying, “Keep your passion alive. Till the time you convey your passion to the readers, they will not connect to you or read your blog.”


Watch the full video here:

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  1. Hey Blogadda many congratulations.. so to you Mr. Prabhakar. Blogging world rocks.

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