Tangy Tuesday Picks – October 21, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysHello readers ! Wish you a very Happy Diwali. May Goddess Laxmi showers you with the goodness of health and prosperity this Diwali and year ahead. We are sure this Diwali you will celebrate like a bomb. Meanwhile, you get ready for bigger celebrations here are some creative blog posts written by few Indian Bloggers for you to get inspired and write one of your own 🙂 #CelebrateBlogging


  • Who: Sid Balachandran
    What: Supercalifragi what!
    Tangy: We all receive mails stating that we are the lucky winner and are liable to get millions of dollars. All we have to do is confirm bank account details. We barely check them , but they are evolving in their strategies and entering inbox rather than spam folder. They are annoying and too good to be true.

  • Who: Vidya Sury
    What: To A Child Love is spelled TIME
    Tangy: Parenting is tough, in this growing digital age, it is not easy to monitor the activities of kids online. Giving your kid best of everything is not enough, you need to give them your time. Pay attention to what they do.

  • Who: Ashwini C N
    What: The Annoying Instant Messages!
    Tangy: Some innovations in technology start out as a boon and end up being a nuisance at times. Well, this is one such innovation which people misuse, to the extent that things would be better off without the IM. When you are lost in your work, an IM pop up will come to interrupt you in your work.

  • Who: Parul Thakur
    What: THE LIFE HERE..
    Tangy: Life in small towns and cities is different and simpler as compared to life in a metro. It is good to cherish life everywhere.

  • Who: Divya Lavanya D
    What: Five things I miss from my pre-mom life
    Tangy: Having a baby is one of the best things that can happen to any woman. Still, there were some things that a woman misses from her pre-mom life. After being a mommy thing change, priority change most immortality, there is a change in you.

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