Spicy Saturday Picks – 4th October, 2014

Spicy SaturdayHello readers ! Long weekend is here. We celebrated Navratri and Dussherea , and are all set to celebrate Eid on Monday. All this is overdose of festivity and fun. We have celebrations at your adda also – #CelebrateBlogging While the Blogosphere of our Indian Bloggers is sprouting with energy and enthusiasm, we feel proud to uphold the spirit of Blogging everyday. Here are some of the best posts for you to read and celebrate 🙂

    • Who: NS
      What:History and Fashion
      Spicy: If you look back into history, really back into history, you will find interesting styles – hairstyles, dressing styles and concepts. What is even more interesting is to see why people dressed the way they did. Author brings out striking similarity in today’s fashion and medieval and historic time.

    • Who: Vishal V Kale
      What: “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Or Clean India – Does It Meet The Problem? “
      Spicy: Author appreciates the efforts our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is putting in the nobel initiative Swachh Bharat Abhiyan but personally believes that if someone like Narendra Modi – who should be focusing on the economy, the Armed Forces, and other major aspecs – is giving his valuable time to it, then it is both a complete waste of time, as well as a deeply disturbing act that should cause our heads to hang in shame, not burst in joy and partake in flippant.

    • Who: Vinitha
      What: “The working delusions! ”
      Spicy: Stay home Mom is not an easy task. You are working 24*7. But why the wife with no earning job is considered worthless. Why following what we are passionate about doesn’t pay as much as the job that our degree can get us is such a big issue?

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