Tangy Tuesday Picks – August 19, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysHello, how’s it going? Hope you had an amazing long weekend. Make this week even more exciting with your Adda. We have awesome activities planned for you in pipeline. Meanwhile, check this week’s most creative blog posts and get inspired to write one of your own 🙂

    • Who: Palak Chandna
      What: Roomate Conundrum
      Tangy: Everybody of us has that one quirky roommate who we both adore and abhor. Check out this fun article and you will surely agree to the author.

    • Who: Ada Wiam
      What: White beauty speculations
      Tangy: We have conditioned our minds to brand fair skinned, slim girls as ‘beautiful’. How far is this correct? Check this post out.

    • Who: Sushmita Malakar
      What: Sharma Ji
      Tangy: You will surely love this post revolving around the quintessential Mr Sharma Ji in Sushmita’s life.

    • Who: Shruti
      What: Feminism and its PR issues
      Tangy: Shruti delves deeper into the undercurrents portrayed in the latest TV commercial. Read this post for its interesting perspective.

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