Tangy Tuesday Picks – July 29, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysHi folks! how was your weekend? Did you go away on a short monsoon trip or just lazed around at your home? Hope you are recharged for a jam-packed week ahead 🙂 Here we are again with our list of top posts this week. Do give it a read and featured bloggers – party!

    • Who: Madhavi
      What: Mommyship Musings
      Tangy: Motherhood, they say, is like a re-incarnation of a woman. Is it true? Read this post to find out.

    • Who: Raksha Bhat
      WhatA full circle
      Tangy: Family. Love. Togetherness. These things matter to us, mortal beings, whoever we are. Read this post and you will surely relate.

    • Who: Somdyuti D. Ray
      What: 5 reasons why you should be blogging
      Tangy: We blog that’s why we are. This post is a tribute to all you bloggers out there! If you are yet to start a blog, this you will after you read this.

    • Who: Rajlakshmi HB
      What: The territory of kitchen
      Tangy: Kitchen is a woman’s territory, says who? Rajlakshmi describes how she bonded with her husband in kitchen! A heartwarming post 🙂

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