#MyRoleModel Winners!

“When you lose your ego, you win. It really is that simple.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Some conversations reassure you that you are making a difference in someone’s life by what you are doing. In one of the many riveting conversations that we had with the awesome bloggers at an event in Goa the last weekend, Umang Bhatia shared something with us which brought tears in our eyes.

Winners annnoced.

As a part of the #MyRoleModel activity at your Adda, many of you created videos, wrote wonderful posts talking about your Role Model. Umang is one amongst us. He created a video where he was talking to his Grandfather about his life and difference he has made in several others and shared it with us. Unfortunately his grandfather left this world to create a place in the stars for himself. Umang tells us that ‘It is because of this activity, I cherish the memories and all the times spent with him’. :'( Thank you Umang for sharing.

It is time now to announce the winners of this wonderful activity judged by Kiran Manral and Laxmi Hariharan! Here is the note they shared.

Judging the My Role Model contest was an incredibly enriching experience, and immensely motivating for me, reading the stories of the many souls, some famous, some known, some unknown, who have in their way, touched another’s life. What I was looking for, in all the stories I read, was a glimmer of something that transcended the narrative, or the strength of the writing, a story that anyone could relate to, a story that gives the one reading it courage and hope. I realise, after reading all the entries, that role models aren’t necessarily the famous, the rich, the super achievers. Role models are regular every day people who live their lives with a quiet dignity and courage, and who impart that courage to those who come in touch with them. Our parents, spouses, teachers, siblings, unknown people we come across in our day to day lives. They are the true role models, they make us all want to be better people.

The 10 bloggers who win Rs 1000 Gift Vouchers are:

The blogger who wins the the CANON EOS 1100D is:

And the grand prize winner of this contest is…

“A very interesting innovative way of bringing out the role model scenario – also there is a lot of coming of age angst in this – which is when one really needs role models…”

  • Dear Sir: A Letter To My Role Model by Somdyuti D. Ray


The winner for ‘My Role Model Video Activity judged by the super talented Kanan Gill. This is what he has to say about the winners. 🙂

The contest was judged based on two criteria, content and production. Video production covers the quality of the video created. This includes the final product, but also the effort that was spent in creating the video and the creator’s vision for the video as a viewing experience more than the final result. Content covers the message of the video, it’s intention and the relevance to the theme.

Based on the above factors, we have a TIE for the grand prize. The winning videos are:

Arvind Passey

Arvind Passey’s video scored higher on production. It has a series of well planned shots that perfectly convey his idea and the voiceover is articulate and pleasant to listen to.

Deepika Muthuswamy

Deepika Muthusamy’s video has some absolutely lovely shots. While it lacks in finesse, the video is touching and sincere and scored higher on video content. There were a lot of other videos that were very close, the tie for top spot is only by a lead of 0.5 points from second place!


Congratulations Arvind and Deepika, you both share the top prize of Rs 50000. 🙂

Congratulations to all and salute to each of the Role Model!

Note: All those who participated will shortly receive a mail from us informing them about the prizes, goodies and other things.

15 Replies to “#MyRoleModel Winners!”

  1. I would like to thank blog adda and Gillette for this campaign and feel proud to participate in this great initiative to blog about real role models in our life.
    Congratulations to all the winner’s too.

  2. Thanks.. I think whats really gonna make many happy is that they got someone close to them recognised too by writing about their noble deeds…

  3. Congratulations to the winners and I must also congratulate everyone who has participated in this activity too since everyone has written about their special ones who have somehow touched their life. So congrats everyone (incl. me ) 🙂

  4. Thanks — to everyone who is congratulating, to Blogadda, and to the judges. And congrats to Deepika… and, in fact, to everyone as every video tells us a lot. (You’re so right, Uma) 🙂

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