Spicy Saturday Picks – April 26, 2014.

Spicy SaturdayHello Bloggers, with the IPL matches, the weekends are better at home with cricket and good food! So tell us what are your excuses for staying in & watching the IPL this weekend at starsports.blogadda.com & win! Presenting the Spicy Saturday Picks for this time! Happy Reading & Happy Blogging 🙂

    • Who: Abhishek Das
      What: Delirium
      Spicy: Abhishek writes a couple of spooky stories that are well written and leave you a little scared for sure!

    • Who: Jaspreet Soni
      What: The Coffee Shop
      Spicy: Jaspreet writes a wonderful story that revolves around romance. It has been narrated so well that you can actually understand and relate to the feelings of the protagonist.

    • Who: Soumya Mukherjee
      What: The Delay
      Spicy: Soumya writes an interesting story about the uncertainty of life. You don’t even have an idea what the next moment has in store for you! This one’s a good read.

    • Who: Sakshi Nanda
      What: The Oranges
      Spicy: Sakshi writes a brilliant post about people, the lives they live and she creates a poignant story interconnecting incidents from the lives of different individuals. This one’s a must-read!

    • Who: Shruti Fatehpuria
      What: Remember ME 
      Spicy: Shruti writes a very nice post about how all she actually wishes for and wants from her dear ones is for them to remember her!

    • Who: Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
      What: Why I Blog
      Spicy: Maniparna writes a very meaningful poem signifying why she blogs. She wonderfully explains how her blog where she opens up and speaks her mind!

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