Sita’s Curse!

“I think sexuality is a window into someone’s soul.” – Alan Ball

Sita’s Curse enters the realm of what is now being called feminist erotica. Sita’s Curse is the first and possibly the only one in the Indian market with a strong desi tadka that distinguishes it from the Fifty Shades phenomenon.


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Overview of the book:

Strapped for 15 years in the stranglehold of a dead marriage and soulless household domesticity, the beautiful, full-bodied and passionate Meera Patel depends on her memories and flights of fancy to soothe the aches that wrack her body to quieten an unquenchable need. Until one cataclysmic day in Mumbai, she finally breaks free…

Bold, brazen and defiant, Sita’s Curse looks at the hypocrisy of Indian society and tells the compelling story of a middle-class Indian housewife’s urgent need for love, respect, acceptance – and sexual satisfaction.

Know the author : Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, a former lifestyle journalist with publications such as TOI, MetroNow and Asian Age and a PR head, is a full-time writer based out of New Delhi. An alumnus of Loreto House & Jadavpur University, Kolkata, Sreemoyee is also a prolific poet. Sreemoyee has just completed her third novel.


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10 Replies to “Sita’s Curse!”

  1. I want to read this one. Us Indians are big hypocrites, yes. Let’s see how Sita tackles the double standards that are so intrinsic to us. 🙂

  2. Hello Team BlogAdda. I had on 23.5.2014 (1.24 am) submitted the link to my review of the book here in the comments section. The same is still awaiting moderation. However in view of the reminder sent by you after submission of the link, I am once again providing the same here. Please let me know if the same is in order or if I need to submit it elsewhere too on your site.

    The link to my review is –

  3. I have registered for this book review program. but I am not able to get any book for review. please guide me how to get a book for review under this book review program.

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