Spicy Saturday Picks – March 29, 2014.

Spicy SaturdayTell us what are your plans this weekend? A quick weekend getaway with your family for the extended weekend or just spending quality time at home curled up on the sofa with your TV? Here’s presenting your quota of weekend reads, the Spicy Saturday Picks for this time consisting of great blog posts by Indian bloggers.

    • Who: Pratibha
      What: Celebrating Earth Hour {Green Living}
      Spicy: Pratibha writes a nice post about the Earth Hour and all that you can do in that hour to make the whole movement more successful!

    • Who: Alka Gurha
      What: Wholesome Entertainment
      Spicy: Alka in a humorous way has described what all our nation is witnessing as a result of the upcoming elections. This one will surely leave you in splits!

    • Who: Priya Raj
      What: Winning isn’t everything!
      Spicy: Priya writes a very nice post explaining through a story how it is not necessary to win always. One should be content with the efforts he/she puts into something, that feeling should ideally be gratifying enough.

    • Who: Rekha Nair Dhyani
      What: She’s A Small Town Girl
      Spicy: Rekha writes an inspiring post this time. She talks about how in the village she was visiting, women were treated equally and girls were given equal opportunities to education. She was very impressed with the way they, as a village, dealt with situations.

    • Who: PeeVee
      What: Of Temptations, Of Lure.
      Spicy: PeeVee writes a very creative post about love, lust and temptation. The story flows effortlessly, it has been worded perfectly and the end leaves you shocked. This one’s a must read.

    • Who: Pradeep P
      What: Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi 
      Spicy: Pradeep writes about all the myriad advertising campaigns that all the political parties have undertaken due to the upcoming elections. All the ads consist of all the things promised to the people but never delivered. Also, it is fun to watch how these parties mock their opponents in the process through the ads.

    • Who: Mahima Kukreja
      What: Light – Poem for dog
      Spicy: Here’s a very cute poem which describes the unconditional love a pet dog gives back to his pet-parent. Having a pet surely changes your life for the better. A pet is undoubtedly one companion you can blindly trust.

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