WOW – Tempted!

” ‘Tis one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall.” -William Shakespeare

Bloggers, we love how you wait for our WOW topic each weekend and send in such wonderful posts every time.

 Write Over the Weekend theme for this week

This time we’re aiming at making it more creative! Your post must contain, ‘ I was tempted’.

Are we all set? Start writing and keep blogging. Remember, you have time till Sunday midnight!

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40 Replies to “WOW – Tempted!”

  1. Secrets of making éclairs @Meridien shared


    So after the girls had done their bit, Sangeeta said, ‘Aren’t you boys going to create some awesome flavour combo for us? Or will you just click our pictures?’

    ‘Aha!’ I said, and went ahead to create one… and believe me, the act of creating a delicious creation is far more mesmerizing than just sitting and eating one. I’m sure my wife agrees with me. The truth is that I was tempted to gobble up more than one éclair that the Chef had made and served.

    …read on… 🙂

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