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Shopping! The one word that can bring a smile on anyone’s face. There’s a different kind of joy that you experience whenever you finally possess something “new”! Who doesn’t like a new shirt or a new bag or for that matter even something as small as a new toothbrush?

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As people who love shopping, we do not need occasions to shop, we create them! Be it a friend’s party or your second cousin’s son’s graduation, all we know is that we need to shop! Before we even realize, there’s a huge hole that we’ve created in our pockets while happily picking up stuff when on our shopping spree. To avoid these situations, there are a few friendly sounding words like coupons, discounts, cashback and good bargains that come to our rescue!

Does getting a good bargain give your ego a boost? Do “coupons” and “discounts” sound like music to your ears? Is trying to stop shopping, once you log on to an online shopping site the toughest task for you? Do you notice that your bank balance has reduced substantially, only once you are home after a long day shopping? Congrats! This activity is made just for you!

Keeping all this in mind, we have a very interesting activity for you starting today.

An activity where you have to write a blog post consisting of the three words, “coupons, cashback and bargain!”

Write a witty conversation revolving around coupons or maybe just about the best bargain you got the other day when you were shopping! You can write about that feeling of accomplishment you get when you receive cashback or are just in time before the big sale ends!

The fascinating prizes for this activity are:

  • The best post will win an iPad Mini Retina Display 16GB Wi-Fi.
  • The next best post will win a Moto G 16GB.
  • Everyday, the first 5 valid entries counted from 10:00 a.m. IST get a Flipkart Voucher worth Rs.250.
  • All valid entries win Rs.149 bonus on their first GoPaisa Transaction.

Submit your shopaholic post here!

This post is a part of the Shop, only to Save More! Activity by in association with

Looking forward to all the shopaholic entries 🙂

You can send in posts for this activity till March 27, 2014. has a mission to revolutionize the online shopping experience of Indian consumers and help them shop smart. It provides cashback and coupons on an extensive range of products and services such as travel, lifestyle, apparels, electronics & the list goes on…

Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Bloggers, we hope you enjoyed sharing with us your shopping experience and writing innovative posts with the words coupons, cashback & bargain. We thank You for your amazing response! This activity is closed now.

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  1. Here’s my entry for this one

  2. I have a query regarding the activity. It is mentioned – ‘An activity where you have to write a blog post consisting of the three words, “coupons, cashback and bargain!”’ – does this mean that the post must contain the three words in any order and in any context ? or it has to be something specifically related to shopping ??

  3. The smiling side of life


    I remember that day I was sitting in our Study and waiting for a bloggable idea to pop up when Specky, my wife, walked in, switched on her PC and said, ‘Come, travel with me to a land where we love to travel together.’

    Now this wasn’t a cryptic signal for anything hard-core you may want to imagine… though this activity did have a lot of huffing and puffing, chugging up and down mind-boggling highways, touching the right spots, and finally squealing in orgasmic delight! Well, we love browsing the net for bargains, cashbacks, and coupons and I believe, the activity is nothing but sensual to the core.

    …read on… 🙂

  4. @knita.urs Your post is considered for the activity.
    @simple girl You entry has been accepted.
    @Ruchita The results will be out soon. Most likely by the end of this week.
    @knitha.urs The results will be out soon. Most likely by the end of this week.

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