Spicy Saturday Picks – January 25, 2014.

Spicy SaturdayHello Bloggers! The Early Bird Registrations for #WIN14 are open at http://win.blogadda.com/register. We look forward to seeing you there to Celebrate Blogging! Presenting to you the Spicy Saturday Picks consisting of posts written by Indian bloggers. 

    • Who: Dr. Gauri Kekre
      What: The New Age Kid
      Spicy: Dr. Gauri makes an extremely valid point in her post when she says that the kids today are only glued to gadgets when it’s actually their age to be playing outside and having fun with other kids.

    • Who: Sakshi Raina
      What: Riding a wild horse
      Spicy: Sakshi Raina writes a post which reminds you that there are somethings in your life that you cannot control. It is best that you take them in your stride and look forward to better things instead.

    • Who: Ashwini Ashokkumar
      What: The Emerald
      Spicy: Ashwini writes an awesome story! She has penned down the story beautifully, every word chosen rightly. This one is a must read!

    • Who: Proactive Indian
      What: Religious Fanatics?
      Spicy: Here’s a post that talks about an incident that shows it is possible for people to be respectful towards their own religion and on the other hand tolerant towards the others as well without being religious fanatics.

    • Who: Deeksha Seth
      What: Girl=Boy= BULLSHIT!!
      Spicy: Deeksha writes a true post when she talks about how on a family level, still girls are not treated as equals with the boys. A girl somehow is often more judged while a boy goes scot-free for doing the same thing.

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