Tangy Tuesday Picks – January 21, 2014.

tangytuesday (1)Hello Bloggers! We hope you are all geared up for WIN on February 9, 2014. A day to celebrate blogging together 🙂 The registrations are open at http://win.blogadda.com/register. We’re here with the Tangy Tuesday Picks of the week consisting of awesome posts by Indian bloggers.

    • Who: Saru Singhal
      What: G for Grit
      Tangy: Saru writes an amazing poem inspired from the life of Avijit Halder. No matter what life has to offer, it is important to face it with grit and determination.

    • Who: Shelly Rathee
      What: Hit by Past: His Memories
      Tangy: We all know how a heartbreak feels! Shelly writes a poem that is straight from the heart. Almost everyone can relate to the emotions so aptly portrayed in the poem.

    • Who: Shivani Singh
      What: Grass is green everywhere
      Tangy: Shivani writes a good post which tells the readers to see the positives in your own life and be happy with whatever you have instead of comparing your life with someone else’s and being upset because of the same.

    • Who: Daneshwari.S.Mirji
      What: A million dreams!
      Tangy: Daneshwari writes a lovely poem that talks about all her dreams! This poem sure leaves you with a positive vibe and a smile!

    • Who: Red Handed
      Tangy: Here’s a great post! The children today are extremely pampered with their own themed rooms, branded clothes and so on. Red Handed talks about her childhood and how somehow none of this seems to matter except the fact that she was treated with love and care.

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