Spicy Saturday Picks – January 4, 2014.

Spicy SaturdayHello Bloggers! The first weekend of the year is here! Tell us what special you plan to do this time. Just in case you plan to snuggle up with an amazing book, we have a new one up for review. Just 10 copies! Register Now. We’re here presenting the Spicy Saturday Picks written by Indian Bloggers. Happy Reading 🙂

    • Who: Dhiren Navani
      What: Yeh pal..
      Spicy: Dhiren writes an amazing poem in Hindi about the moments of time. He talks about how once time passes, it is only memories that we have left with us.

    • WhoTushar Kumar Singh
      What: Alok Nath in & as Beena Ji Wo Mar Chuka Hai.
      Spicy: Tushar writes a very interesting post with respect to Alok Nath’s contribution to Hindi Television and Cinema. He humorously talks about how all the roles played by Alok Nath are somewhat similar. The recent twitter trend about him gave Tushar the idea to write about the same.

    • Who: Abhishek Joshi
      Spicy: Abhishek writes an extremely meaningful post about how we as selfish humans encroach, litter and disrespect nature and forests, not leaving any natural habitat for the animals.

    • Who: Revreme
      What: Hey you! Yes YOU!
      Spicy: Here’s a post that reminds you to love yourself! Yes, there will be times of trouble and when everything will seem to be against you but what is important is that you smile and remind yourself that everything will be okay.

    • Who: Parvathy J
      What: Playing Santa
      Spicy: A very heartfelt post which re-instills the belief that there are good people in the world looking out for you 🙂

    • Who: Remya
      What: The Art of Crying aka The therapy of tears
      Spicy: Remya writes a different post which tells us how crying can actually be therapeutic. Sometimes shedding those tears does make you feel better! Read the post to find out more.

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