Tangy Tuesday Picks – December 31, 2013.

Tangy TuesdaysHello Bloggers! Our team at the Adda wishes every member of the blogosphere a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! May 2014 be filled with joy and good times for you! We’re here with the Tangy Tuesday Picks of the week written by Indian Bloggers! Happy Reading 🙂

    • Who: Fabida Abdulla
      What: Life as a Hindi Serial Heroine
      Tangy: Fabida in her post very humorously has spoken about the way women are portrayed in the daily Hindi soaps. She talks about them always being decked up with loads of make up, no matter what the occasion is & many other such instances.

    • Who: Someone Is Special
      What: Write
      Tangy: Someone is Special writes a post that is extremely close to every bloggers’ heart. He writes a poem based on the joy of writing!

    • Who: Proactive Indian
      What: Pots and Kettles
      Tangy: Proactive Indian in this post talks interestingly about how for people everything that they do is correct while it is amazingly easy for them to find faults with what others do.

    • Who: Ashwini C N
      What: You know you are a blogger, If…
      Tangy: Ashwini writes a post that every blogger will relate to. The moment you mention to someone that you are  a blogger, a volley of questions just have to follow! She talks about them in her post.

      What: 2013 Taught me…
      Tangy: Here’s a post that in a crisp form talks about everything that Restlessinjozi has learnt from the past year! It’s a list that has something for everyone 🙂

    • Who: Cold SnapDragon
      What: VAW as an FoE Issue
      Tangy: A very honest post about a situation where the issue of Violence against Women intersects with a person’s freedom of expression.

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