Spicy Saturday Picks – December 28, 2013.

Spicy SaturdayHello Bloggers! What are your plans for the new year? Any must-take resolutions on your list? Do let us know! We’re here with your quota of weekend good reads, the Spicy Saturday Picks of the week written by Indian bloggers. Happy Reading and a Happier Weekend 🙂 

    • Who: Gayathri Naga
      What: Womaniya
      Spicy: Gayathri writes an interesting post about how the women in India are still not treated as equals in many walks of life. There is a change of the presently existing patriarchal attitude that has to happen at the earliest in order to improve this condition!

    • Who: Soumya Prasad
      What: Two Thoughts
      Spicy: Soumya writes a post where she amazingly describes a single situation from two different people’s perspective. It is an awesome read indeed!

    • Who: Heta Gala
      What: Homosexuality Verdict by Supreme Court (INDIA)
      Spicy: Heta writes a post against the Supreme Court Judgement of criminalizing sexual relations between two people of the same sex. India has to grow to become more accepting because this being an extremely personal choice, ideally should not be criminalized.

    • Who: Sreesha Divakaran
      What: Dear Santa…
      Spicy: Sreesha writes a very cute post about her wishlist for Santa this Christmas! Let there be more happiness in the world, let people be friends instead of enemies, let India progress and grow to understand the needs of the various people residing here are some of the things she asks!

    • Who: Subhorup Dasgupta
      What: God’s Strange Ways
      Spicy: Subhorup writes an amazing post about humans, their different thought processes and faith in an extremely capturing way! This fictional tale is a must-read! He really has a way with words.

    • Who: Vinita Bahl Crasto
      What: Games We Played
      Spicy: Vinita writes a post that most of the reader will relate to. She talks about 10 games she played as a school going kid! Some posts that are based on amazing memories just have to bring a smile on your face. This is one such post!

    • Who: Deepa Ramakrishnan
      What: A date with my coffee
      Spicy: Deepa writes a post which explains how sometimes in life, money takes away a lot of happiness from the little things in life! Emotions are more important than an air conditioned environment. There are certain things that are best enjoyed simple!

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