Tangy Tuesday Picks – December 3, 2013.

Tangy TuesdaysHello Bloggers! What do you have to say the Tarun Tejpal Case? The blogosphere is witnessing a volley of opinions about this particular case. We would want to know your take on it. We’re presenting to you the Tangy Tuesday Picks for this week written by Indian Bloggers. Happy Reading 🙂

    • Who: Deeksha Seth
      What: The Incorrigible Male driver!!
      Tangy: Women are stereotyped to be bad drivers. Deeksha writes a post where she talks about how it is not necessary that thae car ahead has a woman driver whenever the driver ahead of you makes any kind of mistake.

    • Who: Garima Nag
      What: The Day I divorced my Smartphone
      Tangy: Garima writes an amazing post explaining how as people we are so dependent and attached with our cellphones these days. It is one device that is there with us everywhere we go. She says due to this dependency, often we miss out on beautiful things life has to offer.

    • Who: Krishna Das
      What: Being Who We Are…Feels Good
      Tangy: Krishna writes a very thoughtful post where she says that it is very important in life to stay and remain confident about how you really are, in this society that is constantly trying to change you.

    • Who: Divanshu Goyal
      What: १५ अगस्त
      Tangy: Divanshu writes a lovely post in Hindi where a small boy unknowingly ends up teaching him and all of us a very valuable lesson!

    • Who: Afshan Shaik
      What: Moral policing on Social networks
      Tangy: Afshan writes an interesting post about how social media today is used by people to rant about their personal lives and opinions. She believes that there is no doubt that a person can have their opinions but voicing them in a demeaning and rude manner is a matter that needs to be looked into.

    • Who: ChaiPakora AndGupshup
      What: Mid-Life Crisis
      Tangy: Here is a post written about the life of an Indian housewife. There’s a way the society perceives the women and their decisions. Nobody actually knows what the woman faces but everybody is ready to judge the decision taken by her.

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