Tangy Tuesday Picks – November 26, 2013.

Tangy TuesdaysHello Bloggers! The parents have been proven guilty in the Aarushi Talwar Murder Case. What have you got to say about this? Do you think the judgement made is right or wrong? Do tell us your opinions about the same. Presenting to you, the Tangy Tuesday Picks for this week written by Indian Bloggers. Happy Reading 🙂


    • Who: Rwituja Gomes Mookherjee 
      What: The First Lady
      Tangy: Rwituja writes a nice post about how as a woman when she enters her husband’s house, has to do a lot to impress his side of the family, majorly her mother-in-law.

    • Who: Aditya Singh
      Tangy: Aditya writes a very strong post which talks about all the major wrongs that the women today have to face, dowry being one of them.

    • Who: Garima Malik
      What: Pondering at Construction site
      Tangy: Garima writes a thought provoking post about the daily wage workers who work at construction sites. She talks about their plight and about how their only wish in life is to see to it that their children don’t have to live a life similar to theirs.

    • Who: Prasad NP
      What: Traveling and Toilets in India
      Tangy: Prasad writes a post that everybody in India has witnessed at one time or another. There are no proper toilet facilities even at major tourism destinations in India. He talks about how this fact is disturbing and that this situation needs to be improved at the earliest!

    • Who: Jayashree Srivatsan
      What: Show some concern, road users
      Tangy: Jayashree writes a post about how not many people care to follow the Traffic Rules, to an extent where an ambulance carrying a patient wouldn’t be allowed to go ahead because the vehicles ahead wouldn’t be ready to move and make the necessary space!

    • Who: Shruti Chaturvedi
      What: Woman, what is so special?
      Tangy: Shruti writes a brilliant post where she questions the fact, that why when a woman reaches pinnacles or achieves something remarkable, there has to be a big deal made out of it.

    • Who: Alka Gurha
      What: Phony Cacophony
      Tangy: Alka writes a post where she talks about how the media blows everything out of proportion. There is an ardent need of being more sensitive, beyond self-interest, while discussing issues that are so important.

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